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The Zazmo Arcade Pack is a collection of co-op, single player and competitive games inspired by arcade games we love. We took a few of our favorites and put the Donley Time Foundation spin on them. Five arcade games with multiple modes equals tons of fun for you!

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Hello and welcome to the first devblog post for the ZAZMO ARCADE PACK or ZAP from the fine folks at the Donley Time Foundation.

You may or may not be familiar with our previous release Boss 101 but for those of you who are you might notice some familiar themes in this game.


So, while we are gearing up for Boss 102 we wanted to do a little something fun and share our love of arcade style games with you. To that end, the Zazmo Arcade pack takes themes and game ideas we had for Boss 101, revises them and EXPANDS on them. While they may look familiar to you we are working to add value and most of all fun for you and a friend!

That’s right folks – this is not only about you but you and a friend!

Two-Player Co-Op Play

All the games in the Zazmo Arcade Pack will have both co-op and single player variations. Additionally we will have a head to head version of our game Breakdown.

Planned games for the Zazmo Arcade pack with (working) titles

Breakdown Deluxe – inspired by classic arcade game Breakout (head to head, single player and co-op)
Mazard Deluxe – a Wizard of Wor style game (from the same game in the early 80’s) – single player and co-op
Tank Battle Deluxe (a Combat Style tank battle) - single player and co-op
Rob’s Adventure Deluxe – a Shooter/SHUMP type game – single player and co-op
Last Stand (working title) – a game inspired from the 80’s arcade classic Rip-Off – single player and co-op

Our game Tank War will get a co-op version in addition to the single player

Mazard will be also getting a co-op version!

Breakdown gets a co-op AND head to head version!

Rob's Adventure gets a co-op mode too!

Rapid Prototype and Development

The idea behind the pack is to take an idea we already have, that we know is fun and works and then expand on it. We looked at Boss 101 and the arcade game inside it were something we always loved. It wasn’t a hard decision to consider those for a separate game and some added features.

Where we are at progress-wise

Well folks, we are getting rolling fresh in the new year. As you can see below we are just getting going. Mostly at this point we are bring over assets into the new game build and started the process of adjusting the placement of art. Gameplay is being introduced too and we are looking to drop in the two player components sooner than later.

Some SUPER early screens of the first prototype…

Oh man- here we go!

Here we have the first porting of the old art assets into the new build. As you can see there is a little re-jiggering to do. The old logo will be replaced and the new one will be dropped in. The overall formatting will stay the same.

WIP - first look at the main screen

This is a shot of Breakdown DX at its new size. Again - we are going to be adjusting the art a bit and adding in the two player option. This is where it all starts though!

WIP - first look at the Breakdown DX game screen

Though we are just starting we imagine this to be a rapid development situation. The idea here is we make a fun game, pack it with a ton of features and put it out there for you to enjoy. We expect to be able to hand out prototypes and early builds soon so drop us a line if you are interested.

Contact: hello (at) donleytimefoundation (dot) com

We are aiming to have this devlog to be in the same vein as our Boss 101 devlog here in this forum : Boss 101 TIGForum

Ok - that's a wrap for our first post! Thanks for joining us and remember to always – LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


Check out our current game here:

Boss 101 - Out Now on Steam
Store Page:
Please check it out if you would be so kind!

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