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Boss 101 has been out a week and thank you for everyone who purchased and supported the game. If you haven’t yet got your copy then we have some really good news. Apparently Steam has more copies available for purchase!

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What a week!

Boss 101 has been out a week and thank you for everyone who purchased and supported the game. If you haven’t yet got your copy then we have some really good news. Apparently Steam has more copies available for purchase – in fact we understand the amount of copies is near unlimited! That doesn’t mean you can’t rush right over there and get one now. Do it!

Thank you for your support!

We appreciate the letters, comments and reviews for Boss 101. We really are glad many of you are enjoying the game and we are looking forward to bringing you more!

So – what’s been going on SINCE the release?

Well, Boss 101 is still our number one priority and that is what we have been working on! Guess what? We’ve been doing bug fixes and even adding some features!

Difficulty Settings!

Check this out! We added the ability to change your difficulty in Boss 101. If you want you can go EASY to ULTRA now! From our build notes!

From the options panel

Three settings you can change on the fly!

Easy - this is what the game shipped as. All settings are the prior version of Boss 101. Personally speaking this is a good choice if you want to enjoy the story and have some easy fun. It can be challenging at times but more than likely you will have a few relatively easy to beat bosses early.

Normal - This setting has a few thing new. The normal story mode has an adjusted curve where the early bosses hit a little harder and have more hitpoints. The overall scaling ends up at the same point the old game does but the early game is more of a challenge. This mode does rely a lot more on picking a good hat to help you against a boss.

Also - the Endless Boss has a tweaked curve to make it a lot more fun and challenging. I HIGHLY recommended checking out the Arcade Mode. We've been testing it and it's a blast. It only drops level 3 guns now BUT the bosses are much hard and subsequently much more fun.

Ultra - This is things cranked up a bit. The normal story mode is a bit harder than the Normal setting and bosses have more HP and hit harder. Also the scaling ends up way past the normal game. In other words - the level 20-31 bosses are on a new level of tough. Additionally all the status effects (freeze, webbed, etc) last a little longer. Again - hats will help counter these.

This mode also has Endless Boss tweaks and the bosses hit hard in here. Should be fun to use arcade and iron bot if you want to earn some cash for the main campaign.

So we listened folks! We want Boss 101 to be a fun game for you and if there is more we can reasonably do – we will. Mostly we wanted to preserve the game people were enjoying but add things for people who wanted a little (or a lot) more challenge.

Extra adds and fixes

We also did a lot of quality of life fixes. One of our later boss fights got some visual indicators to help players. We did tweaks and tunes to fights and power levels to make things a lot more fun.

Endless Boss

Check this out. We did a bit of reworking to the tuning in this area. Personally I think it’s a LOT more fun and probably closer to the original arcade experience we imagined when we made it! It’s actually tuned to be harder BUT we only give you the most powerful guns in the game now. More power for your blasting!

Some clips from me getting shellacked by a tough boss combo!

Boss 101 Playthroughs with ToborPrime

Two more videos in the series!

Part 5

Part 6

That’s all for now folks and thank you for being there for us! We’ve got more news and continued support of Boss 101 coming your way! Thank you and remember to always. . .



Boss 101 Info Roundup
Out now on Steam!
Price: $9.99
Boss 101 Steam Store Page:
Please check out the Steam Store if you would be so kind!


Congratulations Donley Time Foundation!!! =)

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DonleyTimeFoundation Author

Thank you! Appreciate all your support!

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