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Come check out the end of the year review of all things Boss 101. We made a ton of progress and are looking to ship in 2016!

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Hello and welcome to the end of the year Boss 101 update.

First thing - Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Wishing you the best in the coming year and beyond.

Our 2015 making Boss 101

2015 was a banner year and 2016 is the planned released of Boss 101 to YOU. We wanted to take this opportunity to review the last year. So let's look at some of the progress we have seen (and this is only a small glimpse)

The Main Game

The Player Hat Store. The underlying functionality hasn't changed but we upgraded the cosmetics and flow of the room to make it easier not only buy hats but see what you are wearing.

The Hat Store from the Boss 101 Web Game - A LONG TIME AGO! HAHA!

Version 1 - Early Development

Version 2 - Before the equipped panel was in

Version 3 – Adding in the Equipped panel for player readability

Professor Gopher Wiki
We also put in the Gopher Wiki so you can reference all the cool goodies in the game and get backstory on items and people.

Early version of the Wiki

Current version

More Gameplay Modes for you the player

We implemented to hat upgrade systems and the ability to have hats change your base bullets!

Command Center Layout

Here is the main room you launch all your adventures from.

Upgraded the look and feel of the arcade machine

In an effort to make the player's main room feel cooler and give you things to do between rounds we looked at improvements to the Command Center. The arcade machine is one of those items we love and want the player use and enjoy. You can win goodies to use in game so why not make it cool too look at?

Old version - not too shabby!

New Arcade Screen - more space and info for the player

Early Diagrams - Pass 1

Adjusted Pass for the game

Current pass of the arcade interface in game

Endless Boss Gameplay Mode

In what might be one of the biggest gameplay upgrades we implemented the Endless Boss Gameplay mode. In this you can grab your best gun and hat and hammer bosses to your heart's delight. We like to think of it as pure arcade action. We are planning leaderboards and tracking so you can compare your best against your friends and the rest of the world.

Early Look at the design of the Endless Boss Launch room

First pass of art and code

Endless Boss Win Screen (between rounds)

Yes, you can fly around the Clicks ship during the break between bosses

Base Gameplay

Of course we are always working on the core game mechanics to keep the game a fun styled action adventure with cool mechanics.

Battle the bosses

Escort the baby robos level

Watch out for that water cannon!

A distant world

Some Special Notes

We got our steam store setup this year! YES!

We were featured in Indie Games Mag

We won the IRX Most Revolutionary Game award

Storytelling at the heart of Boss 101

It's fitting we end on what might be the most important aspect of Boss 101 and that is the story and storytelling happening in the game. We think the game is at it's best when bringing you along on the adventure of Max and STEVE. Their story is your story and journey. We have taken a lot of pains to make sure we deliver you an interesting and fun experience and that means making you part of the magic. You make choices with the guys about how things will progress and along the way you get to see Max, STEVE, ROB and their buddies learn and grow. Things aren't always as they seem - just take a look at some of the in-game screens below to see the setups the guys can get in.

Boss 101 hacks the player base!

Picnic Time

Conference in the generator tube

Boss 101 playing board games

Thank you for checking in on us and keep coming back. We're getting there and your support is appreciated!

Happy New Year to you and all the best!


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