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Max and STEVE show you the latest and greatest in the Boss 101 GUN SHOP! The Fist Cannon, 'Zooka, machine gun and BOW and ARROW! YES!

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Flippin' GUNS!

You know when you make a game the thing to remember is it’s supposed to be FUN. Fun for the player in as many ways as reasonable/possible. Here at the Foundation we work EVERY SINGLE DAY thinking about you. Well, actually, we think about a LOT of things and YOU are on the list. Pretty high. Under things like REALLY close family and friends but RIGHT UP THERE!

At any rate – we have been tweaking and tuning guns and GUESS WHAT MADE A RETURN THIS WEEK?

THE FREAKING FIST CANNON! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Best gun in the Boss 101 web game makes a return here for your enjoyment. This is only the Level 1 Fist cannon!! There are two more upgrades after this including ROCKET PROPELLED PUNCHES!

Check out the snaps and see what you think.

As always, remember to love your dreams!



parece bom!! *o*

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DonleyTimeFoundation Author

Obrigado!!! Appreciate you checking on the game!

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