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A little questionnary so I can know what you want guys.

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As you probably saw with the last update, I'm not dead and I'm currently working on the mod.

This will be a special update cause there will be no picture in this update but only questions. Questions? Ye questions to you little guy behind your computer. I need your help and that's why i will ask you a few questions. Hope you'll answer it, it will help me a lot.

1. Do you like what you see ? Do you still want to play the mod? If no (or even yes), how can i improve the mod ?

2. Should I make more updates? Should I post vids instead pics ? Keep pics ? Both ?

3. What do you prefer to see ? New multiplayer experience or singleplayer experience ? (maybe both)

4. Are you interested in mapping, modding or skinning? If yes, do you want to help me? (i accept everyone with a certain skill (of course you don't need to be a pro))

5. Should I continue to make the mod in French and make translations later or should I make it directly in English ?

6. What do you want to see in this mod? Any special wish? Where do you want Delta to go ?

7. Do you prefer Sev to live or to die? (this will not affect the mod, i just want to know :P)

8. Do you like the character of Viper ?

9. :SPOIL QUESTION: There will be Pirates and Mandalorians in this mod. You'll fight against them. Are you excited about this?

10 . What do you want to see in MP ? New teams ? New skins ? New accessories ? New gamemode? COOP ? Zombie ? Survival (not zombie) ? If so, tell me what do you want for teams ? Here's 3 ideas; you can choose something else. (You have to know that droids aren't possible (i already tested). So the geonosians or wookiees aren't possible neither)

- Rebels vs Empire (so it will take place after the solo)
- Commandos vs Trandoshans (no change then except skins etc...)
- Clones vs Jedis (Order 66 style (only lightsaber for jedis, no force, but they can run faster, can change to other weapons and insta kill with lightsaber)

11. Do you want to see more character from The Clone Wars serie ?

12. Do the existing character looks like the originals ones (for instance, does Cody looks like Cody)

13. Does it affect someone if i change the original DC-15s to double DC-17 pistol for Boss ? (the same as Rex)

14. Do you like the new storyline ? (Viper as a new Delta and they have to find Sev)

15. Do you prefer a continuance to RC or a total new story with new squad ?(for instance Omega)

16. Do you want a story concentrated to Delta Squad or you don't mind if there are a few special missions with another Squad (for example Delta and Omega) or without Deltas (for instance Arc Troopers)

17. Is the language (French) a problem for you to understand what you have to do in game? Will English subtitles solve this problem?

18. Would you like to see tutorials here ? If yes , about what? Skinning ? Mapping ? Modding ? A bit of everything ?

19. Were you satisfied of the last demo ? Of the last update ? (this questionnary) Of the last pictures Update ?

20. Should i make more questionnary ?

Thanks for your answers, I hope to see some so it will help me to see what you really want guys.

Hope you enjoy this, and see you for a next update !

XtaZe Author

I'm actually looking for a Gregor skin if it already exist or i'll make one myself :)

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Make them Imperial Commandos but they won't get to customise their own armour.

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XtaZe Author

This will be part of the Epilogue ;)

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I'd say make more media (pics and videos, whatever shows the features the best) and there should be english subtitles at minimum,Viper's cool, Yes I am excited about question 9, The idea of clones Vs jedi is AMAZING and NEEDS to be done, Story is fine if presented well as a continuation, missions with other squads would be great if it brings insight as to how certain things happened (such as how a certain battle went before the Deltas showed up or something like that) The last demo was fine but the lack of english was confusing, and we really do want to see this mod completed. Also I have experiance in SFM and i could make some commando renders if they could be useful as a loading screen or something of that nature. Here is one of my recent W.I.P.s

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XtaZe Author

Well making vids is pretty hard cause my computer sucks and i'm always lagging when i'm recording. I'll do my best to add subtitles for the next public demo. Clone vs Jedi is a cool idea but i needs a few work first on the lightsaber and then on the force (if i can add it). And for the complete mod it's actually pretty hard cause i don't have any other mapper who can help me. And for new loading screen ye that would be great ;D

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