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First poll on how the map system should work out and the way it will fit in with multiplayer. and other cool stuff:P

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Hello Dear fans!
I was pondering on the idea of making the maps editable so you guys can create your own city the way you want. It also comes with a few draw backs though I can't see having a infrastructural Multi-player really working when people have different maps so here are your choices if non of you vote then I'll pick something...

-Option 1. Have a map editor where you can create your own city, choose where zombies spawn, ect. but no Multi-player this does come with a few good things though like It'll give me more time to add way more RPG Elements, The game will come out a few weeks sooner then it is suppose to because I don't have to code Multi-Player and find a server, and I'll have more time to focus on bugs and stuff instead of "rushing" though the single player code and leaving quite a few bugs.

-Option 2. Have a map editor with Ac Hoc Multi-player. With this option you will be able to play your own maps with your friends but not online with random people you don't know. This comes with a few good things but not as much as option one like a tiny bit less RPG Elements then planned, Release date will be correct, and there will be very few bugs.

-Option 3. Have a map editor with Ac Hoc and Infrastructure Multi-player. You can only play the one city that I map with others online and over Ac Hoc. This option comes with a few set backs though like a Few noticeable bugs, Less RPG Elements then Option 2, and the release date will be longer then proposed.

-Option 4. Have no map editor with Ac Hoc and Infrastructure Multi-player. This option means A Decent amount of RPG Elements, just about no bugs, Release date will be a tad bit longer because of the infrastructure part, and you'll be confined to one map.

Important: If no one votes then I'll go with Option 3..

On another note...
Total progress.. (For all of you interested)
Game -
Graphics - 17 %
Controls - 65 %
Zombie A.i. - 50 %
Menu - 4 %
Weapons - 6 %
GUI - 28 %
Sounds - 0 %
Infrastructure Multiplayer - 0 %

Engine -
Optimization - 55
High Quality Graphics support - 20 %
High Quality Sound support - 5 %
At Ease Infrastructure/ AcHoc Coding - 10%
Meaningless functions that have some use to me in Developing this game - 32% Lines of coding done so far:
Menu - 70 lines
Engine - 640 lines
Map coding - 114 lines

Script that puts everything together - 62 lines

TomAwezome - - 47 comments

Option 1.
Option 1.
Option 1.
Option 1.

Seriously, make it singleplayer only.
On the chance you do make it multiplayer, make sure that singleplayer and multiplayer are two entirely different games. Well, not two different games, but keep them so they have as little as possible to do with each other.

Just my two cents. :3

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$H@D()W - - 321 comments

i say option 4

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gregory-it - - 15 comments

option 3 man. Work a little bit longer and a little bit harder to make an online MP. That would be great to play with other ppl =D

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wezley Author
wezley - - 445 comments

Option 1 - 2 votes
Option 4 - 2 votes
Option 3 - 1 vote

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