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because there is so little first gen games i will list them in order, this hopefully will clear up any confusion

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Just before i start the list i must say just because a game looks old does not make it old, e.g super mario land loos like the oldist mario game because its in black and white bit its not, all the nes marios came out before it. some games on older phones look old but were made for the phones (snakes ok because it came out in the arcades in the 70s).

Also in the first generation there was no real home games appart from pong, every thing was in the arcade meaing there was coloured games.

the first generation ended in 1976 so any game before that is a firs generation game, games that came out during and after 1976 are (acording to this book i have) are second generation.

Also Please note this is not a full list it is just what ever i can find in this book and wikipedia.

Tenis for two

Space war

Life (aka game of life)

computer space

Adventure (aka advent), darwin, hunt the wumpus, pong, star trek

pong doubles

gran trak 10, quadra pong, qwak!, tank, tank II

gun fight, indy 800, tank III

there are more like snake but there is no date for them it only says early 70s


Pong, Darwin, Adventure, Space War, all awesome.

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AirborneSn1p3r Author

yea to right, but you forgot the best tanks :)

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