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This is the first non-beta release. Main features: NPCs and simple quests, chasms, backstory texts and new visual effects.

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  • It’s not beta anymore!
  • Added: Backstory texts
  • Added: New NPCs (more in next updates)
  • Added: New terrain type - chasm
  • Added: New missile weapon - tomahawk
  • Added: New enchantment - lucky weapon
  • Added: New sounds
  • Added: New visual effects
  • Added: New perks for Huntress
  • Added: Donation button on the main screen
  • Changed: Javelin applies Criple debuff
  • Changed: Wild and piercing weapons always proc
  • Changed: Enchantements on degraded weapons work like on +0 weapons
  • Changed: Freezing traps are replaced with Gripping traps
  • Fixed: A lot of bugs

…and more…

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