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New version, featuring a save and load system and some improvements

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finally i decided to implement a save and load system, as many players wanted it before

it allows you to save your leadership points, which are now also required to unlock some bonus features
for now, you just get some classes (un)locked and the difficultys, but i will think of some more things soon

there are some improvements concerning abilitys and items
some ancients now give several effects, like the wizard one, which is now not only useful for fire and arcane wizards
some other abilitys now show damage (some didnt do this)

hmm what else, yeah the loadingscreen is changed and a couple of bugs have been fixed
New Loadingscreen

You can also play the game in singleplayer now (also requested)^^

estimated release date will be 9.9.09 ;) hmmm lol, didnt thought about this one, but it seems to turn out funny

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