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After a long wait, Apple released our first update, v1.01 for cosmetics and small user interface behavior adjustment. Now we're about to release 1.10, with significant changes to the interface

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This update took 8 days to be validated by Apple. interestingly enough it took 8 days as well to allow the original release.

These 8 days were surely the longest 8 days in our life. nerve wrecking, to say the list.
v1.01 has a better handling of the presentation of ads, and a splash screen upon new games, per user feedback.

And now 8 more days to wait for 1.10
While we were waiting we changed the UI to include a score count, and changing the display a little bit to be more effective.
and oh yes. iPad support. Now 100 spots is a true universal app for iOs. go try it !

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