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Red Faction - Xmod beta v2.0 Coming Soon with Official Events - "10 Years Marathon", each Saturday of October 2017.

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As foreseen, Xmod released as a small gift to Red Faction community for Christmas 2006. A decade later, the Launch of Xmod beta v2.0 with the First Official Event:

10 Years Marathon - Part 1

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Phase #1 [ ~EUROPE / ~AFRICA ] /*~North & South AMERICA day

19h00 - 23h00 UTC Time

(Saturday, October 7)

~N. & S. AMERICA Brake 1 - Supper (1 Hour)
Xmod Server: Random or Extra Players Vote Maps
(Quick Skip Maps Possible)

Phase #2 [ ~North & South AMERICA ]

00h00 - 4h00 UTC Time

(Sunday, October 8)

~N. & S. AMERICA Brake 2 or FreePlay (1 Hour)
Xmod Server: Random or Extra Players Vote Maps
(3 20min Maps)

Phase #3 [ ~Australia day / ~ASIA day ] /*~North & South AMERICA night

5h00 - 9h00 UTC Time

(Sunday, October 8)

~N. & S. AMERICA Last Push of Freeplay (1 Hour)
Xmod Server: Random or Extra Players Vote Maps
(3 20min Maps)

Phases Play Time
4 Hours

Total Marathon Time
15 Hours

If you are Motivated Miners, you're Welcome to do the Complete Marathon with me, in theses 3 Phases! :rambo:

* ~N. & S. AMERICA (Day & Night), 2 Extra Opportunity to Participate the "10 Years Marathon - Part 1"

Xmod Server will continue the "10 Years Marathon - Part 1" Maps Rotation for 1 Week, until the Next Event.

During this period, Players will be able to Vote there Favorites Maps & Modes played to build the Community Month Maps Rotation of November. A Poll Link will be send the day after to various Xmod Community Hubs.

Next Xmod Official Events - "10 Years Marathon"

Part 2
Saturday, October 14

Part 3
Saturday, October 21

Part 4
Saturday, October 28

(3 Phases: 19h00, 00h00, 5h00 UTC Time)

Each Saturday's of October, theses 4 Parts of the Marathon will have a Different Maps Sequence, divided in 3 main Phases with the same planned 9 RF Maps, 1 Replay Players Vote, Start & End with Xmod Lounge. Plus Optional Brakes & Extra FreePlay of 1 Hours.

All Xmod Official Events will be Recorded, Uploaded and Community Video Added to Playlist in my YouTube Channel. Here's for the occasion, for the birthday of the PC Release - September 17, 2001

Red Faction - The Secret History of Volition Inc.

Join Xmod Voice & Chat Server!

Twitch - get the Desktop App
User Friendly and Compatible with Windows XP which many RF players still use, the Community will share a Lounge and 1 in-game Global "Party" Voice channels. Your Welcome to Join & Test now!

Xmod beta v2.0

Download Available soon before the First Xmod Official Event.

Have a Nice Week All & See you in-game,
Vhyrüs / Morgoth - Steam Profile

Steam Group (Friends) Twitch Group (Voice)YouTube (Video)

ModDB RF Footer


See you there! :D

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Vhyrüs Author

hEy Prey! - Nice, CoOl to have you on board Miner! =D

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I like the time tbh. It is 10 PM for me which is perfect

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Vhyrüs Author

I did what I could to include Every Country, am Happy it work for you - Estonia!

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