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Bionicle Heroes - Frenzy Mode launches today with a bunch of changes to make the game more challenging while remaining (nearly) the same.

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Note: This mod is primarily based on Kralich’s Bionicle Heroes: MOVN. You can either download it as a complete packed version or as a separate add-on which requires any Modders’ Edition.

What's this mod about ?

Let’s face it ; BH is an easy game, and sometimes clearly boring. It seriously lacks challenge and has some game design flaws that need heavy fixes. This mod’s purpose is to at least upgrade the base game with more action and difficulty.

Bionicle Heroes - Frenzy mode follows 3 main goals :

  • Keeping the gameplay fresh and fluid
  • Improving monsters behaviors
  • Raising the general difficulty


  • Some Toa rebalancing (Matoro/Hewkii especially)
  • Drastically increased movement speed for all regular enemies
  • Increased health, range, speed and damage values for all regular enemies
  • Buffed some Bosses like Sidorak or Axonn (For example, I made his projectiles slower and way more lethal)
  • Modified the AI and made Visoraks, Bohroks and Vahkis more aggressive
  • Removed / Shortened a LOT of Idle/Hit animations and "wait until next attack"
  • Increased Vezon's speed when playable
  • Reduced Health drops : 20% for all => 10% for Vahkis, 5% for Bohroks and 3% for Visoraks
  • Drastically reduced damage values when entering Hero Mode and interacting with Gold Constractions
  • Increased prices for Health and Weapons Upgrades

Frenzy Mode benefits from changes brought by Kralich’s MOVN, like increased player speed, better weapons or the removal of many cutscenes. 2 versions of the mod are available : One with all the changes from MOVN (including Graphical/Audio changes) and one functioning like an add-on with less modifications (No Graphical/Audio changes or cutscene removal).



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Planned evolutions

  • Fix “Kill All” Gold Constractions (Planned for 1.1)
  • Buff Hahli (1.1)
  • AI fixes, maybe reduced attack cycles (1.1 or 1.2)
  • In some levels, increase the number of enemies (1.1 or 1.2)
  • Rework some Boss Fights (1.2)
  • Speed up constractions (?)
  • Manage to remove Mask healing or find a workaround (?)
  • Remove Hero Mode’s Invulnerability (?)
  • Increase some constraction speed (?)
  • Your suggestions !

Have fun !

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