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Refreshed a game a bit. Some bug fixes. Still not much to do. Solid basics are the most important thing, if u ask me ;)

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09.03.2015 Status

Sooo i decided to post the Game here. Waiting for feedback :D

What is actually in game at the moment:

  • Most graphics for any players movement.
  • Both players are able to: move, jump, throw a ball, pick up a ball, strike the ball sto hat other player will drop it, block incoming balls in air.
  • Physically active cursor just for fun and testing.
  • Balls spawning.
  • Game restarting.
  • Basic scoring system.
  • Debug mode.

What needs to be done:

  • Energy system
  • Superpowers
  • Main menu
  • Key binding
  • Some levels
  • Interactive HUD
  • Limited time for a match

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