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XF team is glad to announce a new update for Far Cry: CrossFire mod!

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A new update is available for Far Cry: CrossFire!

XF team is glad to announce the new Far Cry: CrossFire update. A lot of fixes have been made and also few new features. changelog:

  • Fixed the weapons disappearing bug.
  • Fixed Buggy and HUMVEE behaviour.
  • Fixed mud material which has missing footsteps sounds for sprint.
  • Fixed missing footstep sounds when crouch.
  • Reduced volume and distance how far footsteps sounds can be heard for walk, crouch and prone stance.
  • Fixed missing underwater explosion particle effects for hand grenades.
  • Fixed Carrier announcer sounds.
  • Fixed some ambient sounds that could be heard underwater.
  • Fixed player name that was saved by the mod, now it use the name from the game and no longer overwrite it.
  • Fixed minimap flashing stealth meter.
  • Fixed head shots particle effect for shotguns which was causing fps drops.
  • Fixed French texts, now everything is in English and more text can now be localized.
  • Changed Quad wreck model. Now the wreck model is the same Quad model than the normal one (Thanks to Dragondesigner for fixing the wreck model!).
  • Changed message "You can't harm anyone" to "Hit not detected" when a bullet hit is not take in count.
  • Reworked score board for better readability and get more informations (players/bots count, bot tag ...).
  • New welcome message asking to check options settings for new players with "Jack Carver" name.
  • Killing spree announcements enhanced with cool announcements sound.
  • Server list menu enhanced.

Due to beta development stage, the mod is currently only available upon request on our Discord.






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