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0.6 "Magic" Hello once again, ladies and gentlemen. The Equestria at War team is proud to present our newest update: "Magic".

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0.6 "Magic"

The most important part of this update is of course the expanded technology tree, and while a large chunk of the actual tech has been integrated from Greatexperiment's amazing expanded tech tree, we added a bit of our own spin on things by providing most of the major races with their own unique techs which mainly expand upon their magical capabilities. To build upon the new magical technology, we've also added both new units and new equipment in addition to a new resource.

Now, onto to the nations:

The Changelings have for a long time had a rather rudimentary focus tree in comparison to the other nations, thus we finally decided to expand upon it by providing them a proper communist path and an expanded fascist path. In addition to this, they also have received several new advisors and dozens of events.

Moving on we have the Changeling's Southern neighbours the Olenians. They have for the longest time been a glorified speed bump in the Changeling's conquest of Equestria, but not anymore! They get a brand new focus tree that allows them to actually fight back and maybe even win (as unlikely as that is).
Now onto Equestria: We've yet again expanded upon the various nations that pop up during the Civil War. First on the list are the Southern Confederation of States, a nation of glorified hillibilles and rednecks situated in the Equestria South-West that manages to gain independance from Equestria should Luna throw her hissy fit. Second on our list is the uncreatively named Jungle Nation, situated in the Equestrian South-East, led by none other than Dr Caballeron of Daring Do fame, and is quite frankly not well suited for ruling a nation, but should he under some circumstance survive, there is plenty of gold to be made.

The last Equestrian nation to get a focus tree are the Disciples of Nightmare Moon. Can they retake the South-East in Nightmare Moon's name or will the sheer amount of rebels be their doom?

The last nation to get a proper focus tree this update is the Griffon Frontier, and yes, while it did tehnically have a focus tree before, it was quite frankly horrible and utterly useless. What does this new expanded focus tree contain, you might ask? Well, play and find out! We've also once more added some minor quality of life changes and made the game somewhat more balanced. See if you can find them all.

You can download the newest version from moddb!


New update just as i found this mod and played it a bit? Nice.

Like the new technology tree, being new in general to HOI i sitll have lots to learn and try so ill probably mess up big time by playing around with everything but eh, it certainly seems different from Vicky or CK at least for now.

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Is "Magic" released yet? I don't see it available for downloading.

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Now I do, sorry for any inconvenience! :)
Keep up the good work! I enjoy every second of it!

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