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News on the 0.5.1 Beta 1 release and the Vega Ogre project.

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The first beta of 0.5.1 has been released for Windows and Linux. This version add a huge number of improvements over 0.5 (too many to list, really), and introduces a new packaging system where the engine, required data, music, extra textures, and speech files are packaged separately, so users only need to download the required data. Help us test so we can finish 0.5.1 ASAP! For more info, read the forum post here.

Planet 2.0 Planet 2.0

Vega Ogre is a project to replace Vega Strike's graphics engine with the OGRE engine. This project, despite having serious problems in the past, is nearing completion; the engine is now useable, and ready to be merged with Vega Strike's trunk. This is great news; not only will we have a high-quality, well maintained graphics engine, but we can now add features such as render-to-texture for 3D cockpit interiors, and seamless planetary flight! Let's all give Strook a round of applause for getting it working! For more info, read the forum posts here, here, and here.

HeadClot - - 461 comments

Quick Question what language are you guys using to develop Vega Ogre?

As I might be able to help :)

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GungnirInd Author
GungnirInd - - 28 comments

It's coded in C++, I believe; you could post here and ask Strook if he could use some help:

I believe the main two goals right now are getting the Linux version working fully and making a Windows version; the Mac version is done.

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Bolognius_Maximus - - 619 comments

This is so awesome!

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Eegah - - 139 comments

That was a great idea, and a great pairing, considering the shared open source philosophy. Also less time trying to maintain your own engine and more work on actual gameplay and such.

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RobSis - - 46 comments

Vega Ogre is best news in months. Trying to compile right now :)

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