Post news RSS 02/01/11 - Akeldama Quick Status Update

A quick update of the days grueling work and what it has produced. What fun!

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"introductory phase" of my game that introduces all of the mechanics is almost completed. Once the alpha is done I'll need to go back and add a bunch of stuff, like character names for dialog boxes. Today I implemented "The Maw" into my game so you can fight him, tried two different battle systems (a side-view turn based one and a real-time one) and decided to use the real-time system. I also have advanced text boxes now (so I can add character names to lessen some confusion others have had when trying my game out). Now there should be less confusion and more fun to be had. Once I've finished the alpha of my introductory section I'll move on to the first "puzzle nexus". It's coming together quite nicely.

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