Zombie stress is a Half Life 2 Single Player modification, which instead of giving you some complicated story or long winded puzzels to over come gives you what you want... zombies!

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Some changes have occured to the Supa Comix website. Read them here.

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Well today is the day i enroll in my third and (hopefully) final year at university. So when the work starts to get going certain projects will come to a complete stop with their development whilst others will slow down. However some i have kept a moderate secret or at least not talked about in a while are still going to go on due to them being in a constant state of development and have been for the last few weeks.

Both me and adele will be at uni and so we will be bogged down with a lot of work, adele becuase she has a proper uni course and me becuase it's my final year so all attention must go into that work. We will pop in from time to time to update the website and spread some news about the projects.

The good news is that Is It Because I'm Green is one of the projects that will remain in production. We have 3 new episodes ready for editing but they will be released over the last few months of the year. Then we will be able to hopefully get on and finish those last few episodes next summer for the series finale and what not then.

Gal X is going to be one of the projects that will remain on a temporary hold or a slow development, this is due to the Supa Kode project. The Supa Kode project is a PHP/My SQL/MS SQL application program which will come with a lot of coding modules including a forum and a website, but they also come with smaller modules including security image creation and PHP emailing systems for your website. The last two described modules will be something that are needed for Gal X before its finished and so i am going to work on getting those done before i can release the latest version. At the minute i am working on trying to get the code into a ready state for alpha testing which should not be far away. Once this has been done then Gal X will move into a state where people can sign up.

The Supa Comix website is something that cannot really be done until Supa Kodes early modules are completed but it will be worked on once Gal X is out. There is a lot to do for this new website and we are still working on the final designs for it so please stay tuned on that.

Zombie Stress 2 is something that will have a slow development but i intend to get a lot done to it over the next few weeks if i can. See if i can get as much of it done as possible before i start to get a lot of work. I want to get it released before the end of this year and i am still in pondering about what most of it will be like. So far we have about 2 completed maps but there is a lot left to do. I will be talking to the team over the next few weeks about getting their stuff finished and ready for release.

Other Supa Comix projects, mainly The Adventures of Melon Boy will cease development for the mean time. It was planned to come out this summer but we had a lot to do with Supa Comix and so it had to be put on the back burner. It will be picked up again once the uni term is finished and we have a lot of other projects good and completed, so be ready for that to come in late 2009 maybe.

The Fortress is facing its closing down week at the minute, due to hardly any activity we have decided to close the website and the project. It will be fully closed on saturday, i will be posting another final news post later today on the website about the final closing measures of the website, so if your a fan of that site check it out later.

Me and soul will be updating this website regulary and the blog may start to look a bit different as we start to adapt some form of style to the website. But its still just in the process of being set up ready for the coming uni year so stay tuned for some changes on that.

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