Zombie stress is a Half Life 2 Single Player modification, which instead of giving you some complicated story or long winded puzzels to over come gives you what you want... zombies!

RSS 2009... the year of the new Supa Comix

Here we lay down whats been happening with Supa Comix and its projects.

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Well then boys and gals. We have been working hard towards one major thing here at Supa Comix, and that is a new version of the website. You have been aware of a lot of things about the new website for a long time and although i have only just got around to writing a new news post now it is all for good reasons. Major reasons are for work and uni but other things include the continuing development of two focused areas of Supa Comix.

1. New Supa Comix Website

2. Survivors Diary Podcast

I am going to talk about the second one first… so the Survivors Diary Podcast (SDP) is something that me and Adele enjoy working on and is gathering a lot of speed towars having a great community. Every week we talk about a game that we enjoy playing and it is quickly developing into one of the most successful Supa Comix projects that we’ve invested time and money into. It has already greatly exceeded the Fortress website. A lot of our time goes into this project that we enjoy developing and as well as that we also gather a lot of information and knowledge about advertising projects and getting recordings done etc. Something that will benefit Supa Comix in the long run.

The first point of our focus, the new Supa Comix website is something that although has not as much time invested in it is something that takes a while to construct when time is invested. The administration section is still being worked upon but this has advantages rather than disadvantages. Firstly it helps me add more towards the Supa Kode manual which i have been filling out ready for its release. But other advantages is that we can discuss what we really want from the website and i can get them implemented ahead of the website release. We have really been thinking about Supa Comix and where we want to go with it and a lot of things are going to change and even appear nearer the time of the website release. I do not have an actual finish data for it, but once the administration section is complete i hope that the time it takes to construct it all will be short. When i am confident with it i will release it as a beta and we can test it all together. !Hurray!

Also i wanted to add a couple of things about Zombie Stress 2 and Gal X. These projects are our next target of concentration when we finish the website. Though Gal X is facing a possible further extension of its standby setting as we want to do something along similar lines but simpler. More news about that when we actually get around to it. I know that a lot of people are awaiting Zombie Stress 2 but we really are busy and the new website is a higher priority, but despite that me and Adele have really been talking about it and the game may go back to some form of pre-production and massive changes when we come to start on it again. There are loads of area’s we want to expand it into and things we want to do with it but you’re going to have to be patient and hope that the SC website is doon soon then the ZS2 will be done sooner.

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