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Beta 4 is here! It took a while, but it's here. Looking for animators and audio engineers.

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It's been a while since the last update. Do not fret, we've been working as usual. This update required quite a bit of playtesting.

Beta 4

Viewmodels shown on the last article are finally here!

New main menu UI

Team specific keybindings

Female shamblers by Sage

Gun changes

The survivor arsenal has a weapon for every use. You have shotgun for short range, a rifle for long range and... a bullet-hose. Despite the variety, their mechanics are fairly simply; Aim for the head and click. One zombie at a time. With this update, we'd like to introduce another dimension. Another mechanic for a good player to take advantage of.

So, we went ahead and introduced bullet penetration to the rifle and revolver, and widened the shotgun spread while increasing per pellet damage and decreasing pump time. This will reward players who take their time to align shots and take risks. We understand that this is a pretty big change, and the impact that it will have on the horde. To counterbalance the change, the zombie spawn rates were slightly increased, especially for the workhorse of the horde: Shambler.

Giving full control to ZM

Why does it NEED to feel so awkward to be the ZM? Why does every action like hidden spawn have to be done with a mouse?
Even if the answer was BaLaNcE, you should never artificially hamper player's ability to do something like basic abilities. Having the power to bind every ability is standard RTS practice, and it's crazy we haven't had it this whole time. From this point on, we will.

Hidden spawning was underutilized. The only reason to use it was to block survivors' path through a doorway or give survivors zombies to shoot on a boring level. Now, ZM is able to spawn cheaper and faster. The cost is based on proximity to other zombies. It's a lot easier to show it:

See rest of the changes here.

Looking for animators and audio engineers

Can you animate / ride the waves? Think you can do better than us? Do you have a strong desire to work FOR FREE? Contact one of the devs on Discord.


Zombie Master: Reborn Beta 4 (Windows Installer)


Zombie Master: Reborn Beta 4 (Windows ZIP)


Zombie Master: Reborn Beta 4 (Linux)

Hmmm, looks like the game is improving.

Suggestion for the future, a double barrel shotgun loaded with dragons breath rounds.

Likely a dumb idea, but could be a good sub weapon lights zombies on fire +has the spread of a shotgun. The down side is its ammo is rare with the player only able to hold 2 in the gun and 4 spare.

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Id be interested to see what this mod could turn into, if it was made into a stand alone game. Its a solid concept for sure, judging by its popularity in the past.

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amazing, i just dont like mac-10 draw animation. would be much better without cocking. however its just my opinion. :)

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Love the new Weapon Animations, so much better than the original! ^-^

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I hope its on latest source version!

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