Zombie Colony is a real time shooter survival strategy game. Scavenge for resources, build your camp, and survive against zombies.

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The Zombie Colony resource system is fully implemented.

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Zombie Colony is equal parts first person shooter and resource-management strategy. Thus, finally finishing and setting up the resource management aspect is huge. Even if it changes in future updates, this framework will still be the base for it.

There are two ways to gather resources: scavenging, and collecting containers from much larger sources. For much of the beginning, players will need to scavenge for resources. Then, when ready, they can fight off zombies from important resource sites, like a water tower or scrapyard, and enjoy a much more constant and ample flow of said resource.

Resource Buildings and the Resources

the scrap car with the 'scrap' resource (the cardboard box)

Zombie Colony introduces a unique way to keep track of the resources for cooperative base-building. Every resource that is collected is a physical object. Each player also has an inventory for his/her resources. Scavenging resources adds only to that one player's inventory, encouraging cooperation in the very beginning. However, once the team begins to collect resources from the larger sources, those resources need to be dropped off at the team's command vehicle. From there it is distributed equally among the team, adding to everyone's inventory.

When constructing a building, upgrade, or item at a shop, all players will be able to help out with its construction. Each player can add to the building's 'pool', which it draws from to construct. Players can add and remove resources from this pool at will. Whacking away at the project with your crowbar uses up resources and constructs a percentage of it.

Here are the resources so far:

The scrap resource was introduced earlier; so first up, we have the rations. The "rations" resource is a combination of food and water. It will be used to sustain your population of survivors and players.

Resource Buildings and the Resources
The rusty old barrel is the container for this resource.

Next, there's the fuel. Fuel will be used to keep your generator running and the lights on. Certain upgrades for buildings will require power, as will certain items before you can build them. Some buildings, like work lights, will need power to function at all. I'm debating adding in weapons that require fuel as ammunition, or traps that require fuel to kill zombies, but those would be additional uses for the resource.

Resource Buildings and the Resources
I think the explosive barrel is a nice touch. It was originally the regular rusty oil drum.

Medicine is potentially the most important resource, not just for healing you and your team, but also for future game mechanics like infection, and serious wounds. This is the only major resource that needs to be scavenged. Herbs can be grown to produce some medicine for your camp, but it won't be near the amount you can collect from scavenging.

And last but definitely not least, munitions.

Resource Buildings and the Resources
Ignore the fact that it's technically a generator. It looks enough like a lathe.

This is the only resource structure that requires another resource. Scrap metal goes in, munitions come out. You use munitions to build weapons and ammunition, of course. This is perhaps the simplest, yet most important structure in the entire system.

Guns and ammunition will receive similar treatment in regards to management, but that is for future updates. For now, I will leave you with the resource system in action:

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