Z-hunter is an isometric third person shooter for Doom 3. Z-hunter includes 8 maps, 2 unique weapons, unique player animations, over 20 enemies custom designed for this style off play. A full custom soundtrack by the band "Desecrative Phoneticism". All new artwork from Hellscafe of liveboulvard. Combining gfx power with old school top down gameplay.

ghostings says

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Mods like these are what Doom 3 needs, a new mode of battle, a new world to challenge. The intense shoot-em nature of this game can be likened to the Doom 3 experience that everybody was looking forward to before Doom 3's release. The only issue I have is with the movement, it's kind a frustrating to constantly reorient your sense of direction whenever your character's body turns. Another thing to note, the air canister level can seriously go **** itself, having to manage health, air, along with the hardest boss of the game was a frustrating juggling act.

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