Five years after Yuri's Revenge disaster, Allies and Soviets co-operated with Nova Industry and Tech to develop hi-tech military equipments and armaments. Einstein is died at that time, and Nova recreated the Time Machine for time-experiments. But somehow there was a tragedy, Nova Industry and Tech's Primary Research Lab had been destroyed by Yuri rebels and also the Time Machine has been used by them. Not even an hour after the Time Machine depart, the time changes the future. The story continues...

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New support powers, new maps, the war begins a new!

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Hello, Commander...

Before we are going to the point, we thanked to everyone that support this mod! For someone who aren't willing to miss updates from our mod, you do better start to track our mod. In this moment we are showing some animated pictures and map screenshots of our mod.

Suicide Squad is one of Global Liberation's Support Power. It can be obtained after you built a Soviet Airfield. It spawns three Radical Terrorist, where this Terrorist uses their motorcycles that makes them stronger and faster than Tactical Terrorist. But yeah, they can't swim. These Radical Terrorist were already balanced, since it was too overpowered.

A familiar Support Power based from Command and Conquer: Generals, Nationalism, is one of Eastern Communist's Support Power. It can be obtained after you built a Soviet Airfield. Use this for your large group forces, because it increase your troop's firepower and armor (because of "no fear of die for the country/republic"). This also affects air unit and maybe different from the CnC Generals'. (About the gameplay, it's a noob tactic.)

And now we begin to spotlight three of our exclusive maps made by Wave.

Urban X (2-4), useful for team match nor tournament. There are five capturable tech structures (the center one should be Tech Secret Lab).

Temptibite (2-4), a simple team match/skirmish map. It's still lack of details, but it will be fixed soon. You do better be watchout for T-Rexes when playing this map!

Snow Frostible (2-4), another simple team match/skirmish map. Nothing to say except just a standard village areas with lots of Oil Derricks.

There is something that you should know that we are looking for someone wanted to work with us for the mod. We are still open to streamers, mappers, 3D modeller, voice actor, and much more. A single nor double contributions are welcome. For more information write an e-mail to . Be one with us...


I got a bug
every time I start the game the menu is missing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
deathreaperz Author

which menu? the other players didnt got that

Don't mix it with other mods

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I don't got the other mods
I put the mod in the copy folder
the start menu

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
deathreaperz Author

what windows are you using?

Reply Good karma+2 votes

windows 7

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I will figure it out late

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
deathreaperz Author

im using windows 7 too, do you have a broken GPU?

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I remember playing other mods too
mental omega works
cncnd2k works
east hours works
nope my gpu is not broken

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
deathreaperz Author

then do same settings like them

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