YR: UMP Next Gen is an Unofficial Mini Patch for Yuri's Revenge, continuing YR: UMP made by Marshall and using ARES 1.0 (and YR: Noodles Patch). Most of the fixes are graphical things and balance, with some extra additions and new models for vehicle units.

RSS YR: UMP Next Gen 2.0 Final has been Released!

YR: UMP Next Gen 2.0 Final, the Unofficial YR Patch you have been waiting for.

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Hello, everyone!

Long time no update, really! Short story, I have been busy with jobs and lazy to mod. But the good news is, it's here! YR: UMP Next Gen 2.0, unofficial Yuri's Revenge patch based on UMP 1.002 and ARES.

Here is the proper changelog since 1.0 to 2.0!

*** YR UMP Next Gen 2.0 Final - 2020-05-19 ***
Below are changes from UMP 1.002 to Next Gen 2.0.
Game rendering is optimized using Narzoul's DDRAW engine.
Some of the changes may be undocumented.

1. Audio Visual Changes:
- New Virus bullet warhead animation. (Recolor bullet anim to green)
- New Overpowered Tesla Coils electric warhead animation and death animation. (Recolor electric anim to yellow)
- New Yuri Bio Reactor explode animation. (Recolor Demo Truck's explode anim to yellow)
- New Tanya arctic suit. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
- New Chrono Commando arctic suit. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
- New Prism Tower buildup animation. (Credits to xgamer)

- New behind indicator animation.

- Added Snow Version of Soviet Naval Shipyard.
- Added Snow Version of Yuri Deployed Slave Miner.

- Improved Allied Weather Controller animations. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
- Improved Yuri Deployed Slave Miner animations. (Credits to Black Temple Gaurdian)
- Improved Yuri Genetic Mutator animations. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
- Improved Yuri Grinder animations. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
- Improved Yuri Psychic Dominator animations. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
- Improved Yuri Submarine Pen animations. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
- Improved various unit image/cameos.

- Iron Curtain's overlay color are now changed from black to red. (To make it similar as the cameo)
- Magnetrons are now firing their coils properly while attack structures.
- Floating Disks are now showing their explode warhead with new recolor animation.
- Slaves will no longer shows bullet warhead animation while attacking using their Shovel.
- GI, Guardian GI, Desolator, and Siege Chopper are now using new Deploy cursor.
- Spies are now using new Infiltrate cursors while infiltrating.
- Guardian GI's Machine Gun are now using Deployed GI Machine Gun sound while firing.
- Guardian GI is now using his missing deployed sound.
- Yuri Engineer is now using his missing death sound.
- Gattling Tank is now using his missing moving sound.
- Soviet Engineer is now using his missing image/cameo.
- Yuri Cloning Vats is now using his missing production sound.
- Battle Fortress is now using his missing firing sound.
- Every defense are now showing their attack range when selected.
- Yuri and Yuri Prime are now using PipScale to show amount of units they are controlling. (Like the Mastermind)
- All infantry, civilian, and animal are now using transparent shadows. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)

- Fixed Yuri Gattling Cannon's buildup animation. (Credits to Fryone)
- Fixed Allied Patriot Missile's buildup animation. (Credits to Fryone)
- Fixed Tree's shadows. (Credits to Starkku)
- Fixed Terrain Lightposts. (Credits to G_E)
- Fixed various graphical infantry glitches. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
- Fixed various structure animation flickering.
- Fixed missing Gattling weapon's projectile.
- Fixed overlapping Snow Version of Nuclear Silo.
- Fixed Yuri Psychic Radar's damaged animation.

- Removed extra muzzle flash on GI while firing.
- Removed extra barrel on Lasher Tank.
- Removed extra barrel on Flak Track.

- Restored craters and smudges.
- Restored Crazy Ivan IFV explode animation.
- Restored Industrial Plant's light animation.
- Restored Chronosphere's light animation.
- Restored Power Plant's destroy animation.
- Restored Tesla Reactor's destroy animation.
- Restored various IFV turrets. (Credits to Blade, CannisRabbidus, and Nighthawk)

2. Gameplay Changes:
- AI Improvements:
-- Increased AI Distance while gathering nearby enemy base from 20 cells to 24 cells. (It means farther than before)
-- More AI options when fighting against Yuri side.
- Proper Tech Level sorting.
- Each side will spawn their own Engineers when corresponding ConYard is destroyed.
- Added Tech Secret Lab as a Tech Structures in Random Map Generator (RMG).
- Spies are now cannot disguise as Brutes, Animals (including Dinosaurs), Rocketeers, Heroes and any Chrono Infantry.
- Harvesters are now spill Ores when destroyed.
- V3 Rockets are now no longer to give sights to the player.
- Restored missing Mirage Tank's elite weapon.

3. ARES Bugfixes:
- Aircraft Can Be Manually Docked to Structures.
- AI Targeting Cloaked Objects With Major Super Weapons.
- Animated Super Weapon Cursor.
- Infantry Cannot Enter Battle Bunkers in Red Health.
- Behind Anim and OpenTopped Transports.
- Blocking Enemy Refineries and War Factories.
- Chaos Gas (Psychedelic=yes) and the Stop Command.
- Checksummer Implementation Error.
- Aborting the Chronoshift announces the Chronosphere as ready.
- Chronoshift Will Sink Jumpjet Units.
- Construction Yard Capture Crash.
- Distance Calculation Causes Overflow.
- Enemy Harvester Guard Mode Exploit.
- Firing Voices and Veterancy.
- Force Shield and AI Exploit.
- Frozen Mutation (MakeInfantry) Animations.
- Disappearing Ivan Bombs.
- Crazy Ivans Cannot Enter Grinders.
- Last Target not Cleared Correctly.
- Load Screen Colors.
- Mind-Controlled Buildings Stopped Working When Freed.
- Misleading Veteran Naval Cameos.
- Occupiers Are Promoted Only After Exiting Building.
- Open-Topped Vehicles and Defensive Structures Exploit.
- Parasites In Airborne Units.
- Pip Distortion Bug.
- Prism Support Bugs.
- Minimizing While Radial Indicator Visible.
- Crates Disappear When Loading A Game.
- Secret Lab Boon Weighting.
- Selling Buildings Exploits.
- Units Being Repaired on Shipyards are Immune to Damage.
- Robot Tank Sounds On Loading Screen.
- Spying on Allied Buildings.
- Super Weapon Option Affected Campaigns.
- Tech Structures and Animations.
- Temporal Warheads and Potential Occupation Targets.
- Temporal Warheads Earn Experience By Killing Friendly Units.
- Temporal Warheads Gain Double Experience.
- Repair Wrench Playing When Warping Out.
- Out of Bounds Array Access Could Lead to Crashes.
- Too Many Secret Labs.
- Unit Sounds Played At Inappropriate Times.
- Visual Effects Switched Off Erratically.
- Voxel Animation Damage Issues.
- Warhead Verses‘ Special Values.

4. YR 1.002 UMP (Credits to Marshall)
- Refund amount for grinding a Guardian GI increased to correct amount.
- Refund amount for Yuri grinding an Attack Dog increased to correct amount.
- Refund amount for selling an Industrial Plant increased to correct amount.
- Refund amount for grinding a President reduced to zero. (This is to prevent a multiplayer exploit.)
- President no longer transforms the IFV. (This is to prevent a multiplayer exploit.)
- Chrono Commando IFV and Psi Commando IFV are named as such (like SEAL/Tanya/Boris), instead of "Machine Gun IFV".
- Flak Trooper IFV is named as such, instead of "Machine Gun IFV". Now uses 'high-tech' turret instead of 'machine gun' turret.
- Firing origin of Grizzly Medium Tank fixed.
- Firing origin of Rhino Heavy Tank fixed.
- Firing origin of Lasher Light Tank fixed.
- Firing origin of Apocalypse Tank anti-air weapon fixed.
- Firing origin of Patriot Missile fixed.
- Firing origin of Flak Cannon fixed.
- Firing origin of Sentry Gun fixed.
- Firing origin of Grand Cannon fixed.
- Firing origin of Yuri Clone IFV & Yuri Prime IFV fixed.
- Spy no longer gets an attack cursor on rockets or Terror Drones.
- Chrono Legionnaire no longer loses ability to shoot through walls when elite.
- Chrono Legionnaire IFV now has ability to shoot through walls (like Chrono Legionnaire).
- Brute no longer gets a range bonus from height.
- Mummy no longer gets a range bonus from height.
- Slave no longer gets a range bonus from height.
- Boris will now attack naval units properly.
- Chaos Drone didn't think it could affect targets that were behind a wall. This has been fixed.
- Chaos Drone thought it could affect targets that were out of range when they were at the bottom of a cliff. This has been fixed.
- Mummy can no longer attack from within a Battle Fortress.
- Slave can no longer attack from within a Battle Fortress.
- Crazy/Chrono Ivan can no longer attack launching rockets (had no effect anyway).
- AI-controlled Magnetrons should no longer maintain a Magnetron beam when moving, or outside the weapon's range.
- Tech Outpost now leaves rubble in all theaters, not just arctic.
- Hidden object indicators for Tech Airport fixed.
- Hidden object indicators for SpySat Uplink fixed.
- Fixed animations of Tech Power Plant.
- Fixed animations of Weather Controller.
- Fixed animations of Psychic Tower.
- Fixed animations of Robot Control Center.
- Fixed animations of Bio Reactor.
- Fixed animations of Allied, Soviet and Yuri Barracks.
- Fixed animations of Power Plant, Tesla Reactor and Bio Reactor.
- Fixed animations of Allied, Soviet and Yuri War Factories.
- Fixed animations of Allied, Soviet and Yuri Naval Yards.
- Improved Genetic Mutator conversion animation.
- Improved civilian Telephone Booth image.
- Improved civilian fire hydrant image.
- Improved civilian building image.
- Fixed prone animation of Boris.
- Fixed death animation of SEAL when in water.
- Fixed death animations of Civilians.
- Crazy Ivan IFV explosion now displays correct animation.
- Restored rookie Apocalypse Tank's firing animation from Red Alert 2 (is missing in Yuri's Revenge).
- Sniper firing animation enabled for Battle Fortress.
- Elite GI firing animation enabled for Battle Fortress.
- Chrono Miner no longer does a little hop in the air when unloading at a refinery.
- Gap Generator no longer extends acceptable base building adjacency.
- Psychic Tower no longer extends acceptable base building adjacency.
- Corrected some prerequisite inconsistencies in Megawealth.
- Corrected a prerequisite inconsistency in Unholy Alliance.
- Unholy Alliance game mode description corrected.
- Mind-controlled MCVs that were relinquished to a defeated player caused an internal error. MCVs can no longer be mind-controlled.
- Arnie Frankenfurter, Flint Westwood & Sammy Stallion names and sounds restored to 1.000 settings.
- Fixed game bug where turning off super weapons in skirmish also disabled them in the campaigns.
- 'Absolute damage' Prism Tower bug fixed for shipped multiplayer maps ("Dry Heat", "Mount Rushmore", "Near Ore Far", "Tour Of Egypt").
- Fixed infantry pip images in single player campaigns.
- More appropriate default Mirage Tank disguises set for the shipped multiplayer map "Death Valley Girl".
- Fixed default Mirage Tank disguises set for the shipped multiplayer map "Mount Rush More".
- Position of Soviet Naval Yard in build options made consistent with that of Allied and Yuri.
- Fixed incorrect palette of an explosion animation.
- 'Absolute damage' Prism Tower bug fixed for YR Map Pack maps ("Irvine, California", "Monster Movie" and "Moon Patrol").
- Fixed a bug that caused the Yuri Engineer to use the Soviet Engineer's build icon.
- Unarmed civilian vehicles under your control are no longer selected by the 'Combatant Select' command [P].
- Further fixes to Weather Controller animations.

5. Special Thanks:
- Westwood: The Game
- ARES Team: ARES Engine
- Marshall: YR UMP 1.002 Patch
- LKO, AlexB, & Glukv48: Game Engine Optimization
- Narzoul: DDRAW Optimization
- Askeladd & E1 Elite: AI Editor
- Jem/Atomic_Noodles: Inspires me to do this patch
- RaVaGe: Yuri Rebalance Patch
- Fission/NucleiSplitter: Testing

Installation guide is included. There is also another version (rebalanced version) as you can see here. If you have troubles at installing, feel free to comment! Have fun and enjoy!

PS: If you want to continue this patch, you can directly message me at reaperz.death2@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):
Q: Does this support the Ultimate Collection version?
A: Yes, it is.
Q: Does the newest version contains virus? Because in 1.0, YURI.exe and RA2MD.exe are contaminated by virus.
A: The newest version, 2.0, isn't contaminated by virus. Tested with BitDefender Antivirus.
Q: If I want to import the patches into my mod, how do I do that quickly?
A: Open the INI files, search for ;UMP NEXT tag. You will find our changes with that.


Wow you don't seem to have so much time really! :o

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