WreckSystem The Activation It was a long time after the Britonnia V Kusari war, a Liberty Since station descised as a Weapons Cache in Detroit Munitions were testing some new jumpgate harmonics when they hit under lying frequency that activated an old gate address, so they got an old gate from an outer lying system and added the gate address and activated it to see if the gate on the other side was working or even there. The Gate activated dialed the gate address and activated but clossed immedietly after. Strangly there was a lock out on the other side, an idea was forwarded to send a Alphameric pulse to over load the sysem on the other gate and restart the lot, or blow it completley. It worked like a charm there were celebrations and many toasts as the liberty battleship sat allong side the working jump gate. The Exploration The next day a Crack team of Pilots were assembled to enter the gate, take as many images as possible and return with the data. The lead officer of the wing dialed...

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