Wolfys Mod for Bandits: Phoenix Rising. Aiming towards more game options, weapons, cars, maps and eventually whole new modes, such as Mechs, Tanks, etc.

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Current change log for the latest version of Wolfys Mod.

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v.0.4 Beta 4
*Removed intro movie.
*Hid cars with custom models in the vehicle screen.
*Balanced all cars.
*Fixed relevant credits.
*Other small fixes and tweaks.
*Code cleanup in main_menu.dsf
*Code cleanup in freaks_equip.dsf

Added: Shotgun to Cougar.
Added: Added big gun to Lucy car.
Added: Missile Launcher to Lucy car.
Added: Shotgun to Lucy car.
Added: Lucy car.
Added: Custom cannon 3d model for, Battle Cannon and cannon for Tomahawk.
Added: Tomahawk car.
Added: Custom machinegun for Carters car.
Added: Carters car.
Added: Odeon as the custom machine gun for Cougar.
Added: Cougar car.
Added: Crusader category.
Added: Categories to the vehicle screen.
Added: The modding manual as a part of the mod.

Bugfix: Fixed a nasty crash in the vehicle screen.
Bugfix: Fixed wrong viewing order in the vehicle screen.

v.0.4 Beta 3

*The tank has been renamed and is now called, "Nilsen Mk I".
*The original cannon can now be used by all light vehicles.
*The "Auto Cannon" is now available for all vehicles.
*Alot of tweaks to the "Nilsen MK I".
*Huge changes to multiplayer.
*Small changes to credits.
*Made the main menu logo spinn.

Added: The game now returns the player to the new game menu when quiting a mission.
Added: New background for the options menu.
Added: More info to the loading screen in single player.
Added: Custom sound for the Nilsen MK I.
Added: Custom sound to the Battle Cannon.
Added: Custom sound for the Auto Cannon.
Added: Two quick launch shortcuts for multiplayer on LAN.
Added: A small (WIP) intro has been added (can be disabled in options -> sound, and skipped with ESC).
Added: A new weapon, the "Battle Cannon" is available for the "Nilsen Mk I".

Removed: Quick Game button in main menus.

Bugfix: Users are now able to restart the game from the ingame menu.
Bugfix: Fixed a crash in the in game musicplayer.
Bugfix: The credits doesn't crash anymore.

v.0.4 Beta 2

*Rebuilt credits.
*Framework and menus for Game modes.
*Rebuild main menu.
*Tweaked the loading screen.
*Added new key commands.
*Restored map background found in, "\Data\menu\freaks_between\
*Added console (press chat button, default chat button is "t").

v.0.4. Beta 1

*Fixed bug with loading saved games.
*Added menu and cutscene tracks to the ingame music player.
*Tweaked song titles.
*Made the song title always show ingame.
*Removed ambient sound on loading screen.
*Intital work for "Game Mode Selection".
*Started working on a new weapon for the tank.
*Fixed how text shows up in the equipment menu.
*Fixed bugs & changed visuals in the menu.
*Initial work for a "tank battle mode"
*More work on "The tank".

*Fixed a bug with the levelselector.
*Fixed the text above the levelselector.
*Fixed small things in the car equipment menu.
*Worked more on "The Tank".

*Added a levelselector.
*Added a new weapon, the Auto Cannon.
*Added a new car. (WIP)
*Alot of smallchanges.
*Menu changes.

*Changed options for mouse cursor.
*Unlocked all cars and all weapons for all maps.
*Changed loading texts.
*A lot of small things.

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