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Trapped in a strange world, Noah must find his way out, or be lost forever.

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Well, this was kind of inevitable.... Heh. Oh, well, stuff happens.

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So quite a bit has changed since the beginning of the last redux, or the current version as it stands.
There's a ton of detail in (I haven't added the final pictures, probably won't), the level makes sense for the most part, I added some AI for a specific part (which doesn't work), I learned all about lighting, and I started experimenting with advanced triggers.

I have come a long way in mapping.
Truth of it all is that when I meant this was educational, it literally was meant to educate me on the works of Hammer.
And I have evolved into what I deem to be an alright mapper.

Do I work quickly?
Hell no.

Do I care?
A little bit, but not really. This mod could take me 2 years and I wouldn't care, so long as it's fun to make.

I started off at the beginning of 2013 as a guy who only knew the very minimum of mapping.
I could place entities, I could place some badly scales blocks and make some terrible rooms with really bad lighting, and I could make a few triggers like buttons.

That's it.
And I felt for some reason that those were the only things required in a mod like mine.
But there's so much more.

I slowly realized my map IS terrible, no matter how good I thought it was.

I added some doors.
Ok, the tunnel looks good, now to fix lights.
Wow this looks great!

Then I started thinking about how the player spawn made no sense, so I added another few portions to the map, edited the flow of the game, and soon I had an outside.
Then I detailed the outside.

Everything was going great.

Then the map broke.
I stopped production.
That was that.

Then a month or two later, out fires this new mod page, with brand new pictures that didn't look half bad.
Slowly those pictures got better and better looking and I caught a better eye for detail.
I CAN map good, but I lack the good enough eye for detailing; but im working on it.

Anyway, I should stop talking about the past and start talking about the future.
The current version is dead.
After getting some advice from a really nice anonymous pro mapper, I decided maybe I need to step it up, get rid of this map with terrible geometry and optimization, and make something brand new.

So with no regrets, I am stopping production of the map, and with that the story.
I am going to completely remake the map, add in many more areas, and with that, change the story.

For the final time.

If you actually saw my map in game, it's not very good.
The rooms are too close, everything has terrible flow, and some of the rooms are too big.

Think of this as an HD remake, but of a mod that hasn't even released.

If I don't succeed with this, I will either find a way to continue with this current map, or drop the project for the last time. Never again will I remake this mod.

And as always, I ask that people of the mod community help out.
I don't need too much help with things pertaining to content, but if you can help that would be swell.

What I really need is criticism, and lots of it.

For now I am going to move on to a new project I am more than ready to take on.
It is called Remember Citadel.
For now I will archive this mod, then when I have started on the Why map, I will reactivate it.

Anyway, until next time.

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