Like Carmageddon? Love Wheels of War! The Carnage Council demands it! Racing, vehicular carnage, power-ups, (insane stunts, killing zombies, and upgradeable cars - coming soon), and STATS! There will be powerups/powerdowns, a credits system, upgradeable cars (via armour, offensive, and engine characteristics), checkpoint style racing (i.e, ability to roam), destructible cars, and a stunts system.

Post news RSS Wheels of War Alpha 0.1a+b Released! (Win & Linux)

We have released a public alpha of Wheels of War to gather feedback. Windows and linux are supported with the 0.1b patch. Go and unleash the carnage!

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Download Mirrors:

Download the 0.1a version:

And then install the 0.1b patch over the top:
(we need more mirrors!)

Just unzip the contents of the the 0.1a downloaded file into your /Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars/ directory, and then do the same with 0.1b! This release is for both Windows and Linux!

This version is a very early alpha release. We expect that you will find bugs, and you may feel that the gameplay is not up to the quality of which you expected. Zombies, stunts, upgrades and more will be added in time.

We have decided to release this early as community involvement is high on our list of priorities. We believe instead of having a long closed testing phase, by releasing early and frequent releases we can take your comments and critisism on board quickly and allow a higher quality game when we eventually come to release the 1.0 version.

Optimus Cockpit ingame
Limbo menu

We would love to hear your feedback, good or bad, over in the forums at . Thanks!

Alpha 0.1a Features:

  • Soundtrack consisting of 19 awesome songs with ingame shuffle and ability to change the ingame playability.
  • Up to 100 custom music tracks can be added by the player and listened too via shuffling without any 3rd party plugins!
  • One campaign consisting of modified editions of ETQW base maps Quarry, Sewer and Refinery.
  • 3 Cars to choose from, with 1 of them having 4 different paint jobs:
    • Black on Black
    • Optimus Crime
    • Stinger
      • Red
      • Flames
      • Black
      • Blue

  • Hot racing checkpoint passing action.
  • Very early damage model for recieving credit in return for carnage.
  • Credit-bonus powerups.
  • Repair-bonus powerups.
  • Deathmatch Campaign game mode.
  • English language localization only.

Features you will not see in this release:

  • Vehicle upgrade system.
  • Powerups which give items to players who pick them up.
  • Zombies.
  • Redone menu interfaces.
  • Rewards and stats.
  • Offline mode.
  • Radio Commentary.
  • Dynamic VOIP matchmaking of those around your area.
  • Dynamic campaigns.
  • Improved controller configuration.

very frikken cool. :D

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Domipheus Author

Thanks :D

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BTW, when I played earlier today I played on an EU server & it ran pretty smooth. Ironicly, with ~13 people it played like Carmageddon 1 with 8 over a token ring network @ 4mbs. :D

Good times....

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looks good

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