Like Carmageddon? Love Wheels of War! The Carnage Council demands it! Racing, vehicular carnage, power-ups, (insane stunts, killing zombies, and upgradeable cars - coming soon), and STATS! There will be powerups/powerdowns, a credits system, upgradeable cars (via armour, offensive, and engine characteristics), checkpoint style racing (i.e, ability to roam), destructible cars, and a stunts system.

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Want to know who's touching who at Wheels of War, read on for all the Hot Details!

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Friends, Romans and Countrymen, lend me your ears! I bring news of zombie killing carnage and sheer all round fun!

Wheels of War is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Community Manager, a somewhat shady fellow known only by the unpronounceable name of ‘Tsujigiri’, he’ll be your first point of contact if for example you’re interested in becoming a server partner for our upcoming Public Alpha release!
Yes, it’s coming, soon! An alpha for your enjoyment and viewing pleasure!

He’s also your first point of contact for any community related matters, got a problem or question?
Then bring it to Tsujigiri so he can laugh and point!!!

We also have a new coder working for the team, slaving over a hot PC to make the Wheels of War turn, a big welcome to ‘Black’ who will serve his period of indentured bondage under the whip of Domipheus the Master of the Wheels!

As we have a lot of interest in our mod from our German speaking friends we have also kidnapped, I mean ‘recruited’ a German Liaison ‘Gomf’ lately of Clan SDR and then eQ Fame who will help with in game translations and German community implementation.

We are looking for server partners to host our upcoming Alpha release and mirrors for the file. If you can help, and if you want to help then grab Tsujigiri on IRC Quakenet in #WheelsOfWar.

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