The year is 1815, June 18th and Napoleon has reclaimed his crown in France and once again is the supreme ruler of the French. The British, and Prussians have formed an alliance against the once glorious emperor and now stand to defeat him at the fields near waterloo. The continent being at stake both sides will surely fight to the death. The mod is set on the Napoleonic Era. It is set directly after the French Revolution of 1789 after outraged peasants stormed the bastille in Paris ultimately ending the monarchy in France. This would spark a series of events that would eventually lead 3 of the worlds most powerful armies on the fields out of Waterloo - France, Britain, and Prussia. There are 3 playable factions that are approved so far in the mod. A mercenary and Russian faction (for the players that always want a challenge) are possibly going to be included as well. At the start of the game you will choose which hero you wish to be of these factions. Along with the playable factions,...

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