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We've just released a big new preview of one of the factions that's seen most work for A Call To Arms - the Wood Elves. They've now got more units and specialist buildings for the new release, so we've compiled a guide and screens of all their units and a full tactica - come and take a look!

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We've just released a big new preview of one of the factions that's seen most work for A Call To Arms - the Wood Elves! The Asrai have had their unit total doubled from the previous rather paltry tally of four and now boast one of the most exciting ranges of units of any faction in the game, including powerful Walking Woods and the berserk Wild Riders of Kurnous. The wood elves can be used as an effective skirmish force or as a rapidly moving hammer-and-anvil attack army, using dryads and eternal guard to pin the enemy whilst Wild Riders, and Wardancers come in and do the real damage. In defence, they have walking woods as one of the best anvils in the game, and their brilliantly effective archers to do the real damage. Their position in the campaign also provides an exciting challenge; with potential human, dwarfen, orcish and skaven foes surrounding the two starting provinces of Athel Loren, an effective Wood Elf leader will need to become a master of attacking only when the time is right and using skirmish tactics to their fullest extent.

So, here's to the Wood Elves and their defence of their forest home.
Capricious? Yes. Cruel? Probably? Magical? Certainly.

Awesome? We think so.

Wood Elven Glade Guards

Find the full preview HERE


The Wood Elves were always my favorite faction, it's nice to see them getting some love.

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