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Warcraft IV is mod for Warcraft III with new models, textures, effects, icons and more.

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I don't really know how to rate this mod.. It feels like a troll in all honesty. The Lich King working with Vashj.. Naga and Demons? This makes no sense lore wise and the majority of the 'new' models are just ripped from World of Warcraft. Alot of bugs and also has very bad English which if the mod had a good backstory/plot etc then the bad English would certainly not detract from this.
I was excited when I first came across this mod as I've been a massive Warcraft fan since Warcraft III but this mod added nothing interesting in the least to the Warcraft story.

I love the new textures and pictures
Hope you make more of them

Been playing it and love the new buildings and unit skins

Please continue your work
+1 from me

yes go or warcraft


The models are nice and the campaign is sort of following warcraft lore

I'm still waiting for the new patch. I'm patient.
I like it.


Many to improve but still a great mod
To other ppl bitching about story or other thing,I wan to ask if you can make a mod more fun than this mod or juz shut up,no one force you to play
Anyway,keep it up ^^


Firstly, for those of you who keep saying that this is not lore wise... Well, if you knew anything-- you would realise it is. As the Naga would serve anyone and anything in order to restore their races, and after the defeat of Illadan, they lost one of their common ways to gain magic and thus had to turn to somewhere else... NO more demons were left alive, and the Dreadlords were not an option, therefor where-else would they turn to? Keep in mind that they HAVE to find a source of magic, or they would basically die. Also keep in mind that Arthas, during his life as a Death Knight, had either destroyed or stole every last source of magic in Azeroth, beginning with Lorderon and ending with the killing of Illadan and the desturction of the portal gates into the other lands.
So... I ask, where else could they go?

Now, seeing as I have finished my rant, the mod is probably rated such a high amount as I believe that it shows key signs of high-level work. And those who claim that all these new models are just "rips" from WoW, well... They should try and make a mod with expansions EXACTLY like this one. I also believe that Warcraft IV could go far, what with the constant updates (expansions for e.g.) -- As this will improve popularity and make it one of the only ongoing mods to date... By which I mean that its part of the few mods that still exist///Still getting updated, seeing as WC ended and WoW began... Great mod all in all, so 10/10!! :D


Since I just played and finished the first mission, I'll update my review after a complete playthrough. I still don't know many details about what's going on in this campaign, but the storytelling needs to be improved... a lot!

These are my suggestions for improvements:
- Names of the chapters - You'll need to think of something better than "Kel'Thuzad is back".
- Dialogues - They are a way too simple. You'll need to focus on more dramatic approach. Few of your dialogues contain spoilers that reveal too much. Just let the original campaigns be your guide.
- Intro - It appears it's somehow messed up (video itself is quite good). I think you should look into it.
- Meat Wagon's issue - Since you changed health & mana bars, you probably forgot about Meat Wagon's bar that shows how many corpses does it have. I think you should reverse to original ones or make better ones.
- Kel'Thuzad's model size - Please make it a little bit smaller.
- Kel'Thuzad's is overpowered - Lowering his damage will make campaign more challenging.
- Crypt Fiend's portrait - Set Nerubian's portrait as its portrait.
- Crypt Fiend's Burrow/Unburrow skill - Unburrow skill has a same icon as a Burrow one. Try to make or find a new one.
- Gold Mine's Gold icon - It simply doesn't fit. Reversing to old one will be great.
- Gold and Lumer icons - Those don't fit as well, since you haven't changed a Food icon. Either change them all in the same style or reverse to old ones.

Good things about this mod:
- Good UI - Looks really nice and appropriate. Don't forget to give credit to a creator, if you're not.
- Custom selection circles.
- New models.
- New abilities.

I gave you 7/10 because this mod still needs to be improved. I'm looking forward to it, cos it looks really promising.
I don't know about story, since my Warcraft knowledge finished with War3 (I'm not so fond of WoW).

Epic name for such bad mode. No lore, no good plot, awful dialogues.. If you're realy think add some new models from WoW and write a one and a half sentence as a dialogue between character is enough then i must disappoint you becouse it's not.
P.S. Sorry for my bad English. It's not my native language.


It worth a 7.5 , because its not bad at all (but needs lot of enhancements)..but i give a 9/10 for supporting you . Keep the good work .

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The models are nice and the campaign is sort of following warcraft lore

Aug 31 2013 by deadmanali