Vietnam Glory Obscured is a total conversion for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour that simulates jungle warfare during the Vietnam War with unique gameplay elements such as village occupation and reputation, jungle combat and modular construction.

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The Iowa-class battleship USS New Jersey is now in-game; see screenshots of it's main guns and flak cannons in action, as well as information on how to capture it.

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Over the past few updates, we've shown how our final stages of polishing was going. The last major hurdle was something we've really not talked a lot about: the USS New Jersey, the Iowa-class battleship. The ship served durring WW2, Korean War, Vietnam, and the Lebanese Civil War. The New Jersey has been decommisioned several times and always brought back into service to deliver death. We wanted to make this ship truely epic in the game, it takes up the length of screen. And best of all, you can control this massive behemoth during the course of battle!

How It Works

To gain control of this huge ship during matches, there are capture points known as the Battleship Capture Center. Once a player has enough of these structures under control, they gain access to the Battleship. Players will fight over these structures to gain control of the Battleship. We will reveal more about these special buildings soon.

Once the Battleship is under the players control, he can order the ship to different locations on the map to help defend or support his troops. Once is position, the 3 massive turrets fire their nine 16" mark 7 cannons resulting in heavy devistation. However, while the ship deals high damage, it can be destroyed...if the player can get through its heavy armor and flak.

If aircraft start to try and target the battleship, the player can activate the 5" Mark 28 deck guns to fire flak. The flak cannons deal heavy damage to aircraft, sending them into the ocean almost immediately. Although, becuase the flak has to be triggered manually by the player, he better keep a close eye on his new ship.

The Battleship was modeled and textured by BombProofVest and particles were done by Cboidy. Special thanks to Hex (2312222) from the CWC team for helping us finalize all the tricky coding we had to do to get 3 turrets working!

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We are getting very close to having the mod in a release state. The last large task is finishing the custom animations for all the infantry. If anyone is interested in helping us out with textures, modelling, rigging or animation, we could sure use the help to get this thing finished faster! Drop by our forums and let us know what you can do! We are looking for committed people that already have the knowledge and skills.

Maybe some of you would like to get in on the action? Check out our Beta Tester Application thread to enlist! Do you have talents and skills that would be an asset to us? Let us know!

We have more surprises in store that we will be showing soon, so stay tuned!


Sounds like a cool kinda game mechanic.

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nice...the flak bursts have wierd black lines in em but other that me likes

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wow looks really cool, how big is the in comparison with the rest of the army?

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AntiSocialKindaGuy Author

The flak looks better in motion; the lines aren't really as obvious. But it's being worked on as it happens. As for size, it's massive; around the width of the screen.

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