The U4E company grew to became the most powerful arms company ever known from their tournaments. They used their matches to publicize their new weapon technologies to governments all over know space. They sold the information they discovered on alien creatures to government labs obsessed with creating the prefect super-soldier. And they raked in unbelievable profits from the trillions of eager fans willing to pay premium prices to witness the most incredible carnage ever seen in the known galaxy. This is Unreal Tournament to the next level, this is the Unreal4Ever Tournament! Its 50 year later now, the tournament has evolved into the new standards, so get to the site and get into the tournament yourself, and find out what you are....

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New U4E Profile


We have made a new profile on for Unreal 4 Ever 2004. Unreal 4 Ever 2003 isn't going to be updated, if you would like to watch this mod...

MSU edition released

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The MSU contest release of U4E is finally available for download! Now you too can enjoy the creamy goodness of 3 new monsters, 2 new gametypes, 4 mutators...

New Beta


A new beta has been released. Check the forums @ for the beta. note: This beta is for ut2004 new stuff: - gateways - the dollbomb - the BFG

Version 2 ready for download


The Version 2 is finally Officially ready for download! Click any of these links to download our mod. Most people should use Umod, except for Mac users...

version 2 beta 2


The U4E-team has release a brand new beta for all people to test. If we don't find any big issues you can expect a release very soon. You can grab the...

U4E release 1


The U4E team has released their first version of Unreal4Ever for UT2003! Here's the short list of what you can expect in this version: The Bubblgun (fun...

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