A version of Undertale that follows the same storyline, and essentially everything is the same, except Chara has replaced Frisk, and as such, Frisk has been forced to take Chara's place. All of the narration is in Chara's style, meaning all red and in first person. You'll know when Frisk is in control. (Only supported on 1.001, unfortunately! Maybe in the future, I'll have the chance to work on it~) There are also a few inconsistencies in the narration and dialogue, and unfortunately, there's nothing I can do to fix these; the way Undertale's code handles the names of characters causes them to all refer to the same line of code, which means if it's red at any point it's going to be red at all points. Sorry! If you need help with installing it, or notice a bug that I didn't fix, then leave a comment. Have a nice day!

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