The Ultimate Sides Mod (it's really an era mod!) is a great improvement from the original game that not only changes the classes, but changes vehicles, turrets and star fighters. New maps are also added.

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This is a guide to the classes and weapons of Ultimate Sides Mod. Note that these weapons are in MY current version of the mod, not necessarily the last update released.

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Light Infantry

A versatile unit capable of almost any situation. They form the backbone of an army and appear most numerous in maps.


- Blaster Rifle

- Blaster Pistol

- Thermal Detonator (x4)

Heavy Infantry

A unit that specializes at destroying turrets, vehicles, and possibly heroes. Although most of his equipment specializes against vehicles, he can just as easily take out infantry. Due to his excessive equipment, he has decreased mobility and increased health.


- Heavy Blaster

- Missile Launcher (x5)

- Fragmentation Detonator (x5)

- Autoturret (x2)


A unit great at eliminating infantry from afar. At close range, he can quickly pull out a pistol or knock enemies off their feet with a concussion grenade. He also has increased mobility, but less health.


- Targeting Rifle

- Blaster Pistol

- Concussion Grenade (x2)

- Probe Droid (x2)


This unit excels at QCQ, able to eliminate enemies in a single shot with a blast cannon, or able to use a pistol for medium range encounters. He can also set up various traps at choke points, and can repair vehicles and turrets.


- Heavy Blaster Pistol

- Blast Cannon

- Fusion Cutter

- Detpack (x5)

- Mines (x5)

Support Infantry

This unit is best used to support other troops, whether it's healing them of moving down a group of enemies with a powerful rifle. He, like the heavy infantry, has decreased mobility but increased health.


- Heavy Repeating Blaster

- Heavy Blaster Pistol

- Regeneration Buff (x2)

- Health & Amo Pack (x5)


This versatile unit is best used from afar, but can easily move from place to place if they are equipped with a jetpack. Their long range rifles have to ability to charge up and knock enemies off their feet. They have increased mobility, but decreased health.


- Tactical Rifle

- Blaster Pistol

- Thermal Detonator (x2)

- Fragmentation Detonator (x2)


This unit, like the engineer, is good at close range, but is more equipped for groups of enemies. He is equipped with a flamethrower, which can damage multiple enemies at the same time.


- Light Repeating Blaster

- Flamethrower

- Impact Grenade (x3)


This unit's expertise is stealth and sabotage. They can sneak behind enemy lines and destroy primary targets with a massive detonator. They can also sneak up to enemies and eliminate them quickly with a blast cannon.


- Marksman Rifle

- Blast Cannon

- Stealth

- Proton Bomb (x3)


Blaster Rifle

This is a versatile weapon, with well rounded stats.


Blaster Pistol

This weapon is primarily used as a backup, and is very similar to the blaster rifle.


Heavy Blaster

This weapon is more powerful than the blaster rifle, but overheats quickly.


Missile Launcher

This weapon is great at taking out vehicles and groups of enemies. Be careful, as it has a limited ammo supply.


Targeting Rifle

This weapon will easily eliminate enemies at long ranges, but will suffer at close range due to its slow rate of fire.


Blast Cannon

This weapon fire an array of projectiles in a wide spread, making it useful at close range. Charge it to decrease the projectile count, but increase the accuracy.


Heavy Blaster Pistol

This pistol fires a 2-round burst, capable of killing in 2 bursts at close range. At long ranges, the damage decreases, so it will often take more clicks of the trigger. (In 6.0 BETA, this weapon is a powerful, 1-shot kill at close range, but has a slow rate of fire)

HeavyBlasterPistol 1

Heavy Repeating Blaster

This blaster has average stats, but is able to fire for a long period of time before overheating. Once overheated, the weapon will shoot at a slower rate of fire, never truly overheating.


Tactical Rifle

This blaster fires in a 3-round burst, and is very effective at longer ranges. The delay between bursts make it difficult to fight at close range, but the weapon can charge up to fire shot that knock over enemies, but do less damage. This will allow you to eliminate them at close range easily.


Light Repeating Blaster

This blaster is the fastest in the game, and can easily kill. However, it has a large recoil,making it difficult to control.



This weapon can destroy groups of enemies at close range, making it great at capturing enemy command posts. It also deals a small amount of damage over time, eliminating enemies after you die. This weapon does have a large ammo supply. As long as you pick up ammo from enemies you kill, you won't run out.


Marksman Rifle

This weapon is semiautomatic, and can reliably kill in 4 shots at all ranges. At very long ranges, be aware that the projectiles are much slower than the ones that the sniper rifle shoots.



Thermal Detonator

This grenade is very effective against large groups of enemies. However, it deals mediocre damage to vehicles.


Fragmentation Grenade

This grenade is very effective against vehicles, but merely damages infantry.


Concussion Grenade

This grenade deals some damage to infantry, but knocks them off their feet, allowing you to easily kill them. However, it deals next to nothing to vehicles.


Impact Grenade

This grenade has similar properties to the thermal detonator, but detonates instantly on most surfaces. Keep in mind that it will sometimes bounce off a surface (This is something I have not been able to fix).


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