Disaster strikes in the Terrorist team! These plucky bomb-planting fighters have traitors in their midst who are looking to kill them all! But who are the traitors... and who will come out of this alive?

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nothing else to say but its AWESOME

its a Great Great Great and Super Game


This is just a great mod! While some people argue that the community sucks, it's not a reason to downvote the mod because of that. Play together with friends (only if you have, of course) and you will see that this mod is AMAZING! Even people who say they don't like shooters enjoyed it. Probably the best Garry's-Mod-Mod out there. :D

This mode is just awesome cause you never know who is the T and who is it not. Sometimes you canĀ“t even trust your own friends.

its awesome like relly

It's one of the best mod of Garrys Mod

Hmm lets see
Being the bad guy when everyone looks the same:Check
Becoming a lier to someone you once called friend:Check
Killing all your whole team with a actually purpose:Check
Im Done

Amazing af


Exciting mod that always keeps you on your toes!