Toxic Sins of an Empire. One of the biggest graphic projects Sins of a Solar Empire has seen. In the future we plan to remake the entire tech tree. Bring new ships and races into this deadly universe.

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Toxic Sins Of An Empire Version 0.6 Preview. Changes Coming To The Mod In The Future Ect.

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Toxic Sins Of An Empire

Toxic Sins of an Empire Has Returned New Content!

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So You Get The Updates As Soon As We Have Them

Thanks For The Support

Plans For Version 0.7.0

So with the release of Version 0.6.0 we are looking toward the future.

Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to play version 0.6.0 do not forget to rate the mod.

Don't be shy to comment at the bottom of this page about what you think needs to change.

What you like.

What you don't like and everything between the two.

We are also looking for idea's on what to push the mod to next.

I know ships are on the list of things people want but what kind of ships.

Big, Small, Massive.

Do you want a ship that shoots green goo? ^_^

The one thing we do ask is to keep the idea's to things that would happen in the normal sins universe.

If you have looked at the other mods listed for this game on this site.. you got a list of mods doing what everyone else has already done 10 times over.

For this mod we don't want starwars.. star trek.. star baseball or star mudkips.

Think of Toxic Sins Of An Empire as a direct expansion to the normal game.

Just.. with bigger booms.. more flashy lights.. and obviously.... uh.. No mudkips?

Now for all of these new cool things it might be necessary for us to croud fund this mod just a little.

I know people like giving their time away but some of the things we would need aren't free.

Truth be told 99% of this mod past version 0.2.0 I have been doing entirely alone.

The one man army keeping Toxic Sins Of An Empire alive.

I hope to get a few more people to help me out with it but currently I have zero money and people just don't seem to have the free time if their isn't a $$ value in-front of it.

At heart I am a Sins Of A Solar Empire Fan.

I want this game to live beyond the Official Development days and still keep what made me love it originally.

Doing video's.. changing textures.. changing effects and all the other things I do all alone in a bedroom take a lot of time so I am truly grateful that at least one person out their across the web likes my work.

So with me only having one brain and their being a lot more of you out there please let me know what you guys like or would want me to sink my development time into.

I will try the best of my solo ability and if I can not do it myself maybe one of you out there can help me out.

As always thanks for playing the mod and supporting the mod for the past few years.

Keep blowing stuff up.

I should have a dev blog posted soon.. just got to find the time.

September 26th, 2018

Version 0.6.0 is finally in a position we feel good releasing it in.

This is only the start of the future updates but with the main goal of improving performance done we wanted to let all of you get your hands on the mod so we can get your opinions for the future.

Based on how the release is taken we will decide if the mod should be continued or if we should leave it in the current stable state for everyone to enjoy.

Change Log Version 0.6.0

Missile Performance Improvements
Changed Tech Engine Effects
HD Smoke Rework
HD Spark Rework

HD Tech Phase Jump Rework

HUD Interface Update Removed - Pending Rework
Increased Frame Rates On Low Spec Machines
Sins Of A Solar Empire Ultimate Edition Compatibility
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion® - Outlaw Sectors™ DLC Compatibility
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - Stellar Phenomena® DLC Compatibility
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - Forbidden Worlds® DLC Compatibility
Fixed Tech Capital Ship Shock wave Glitch
Fixed Missile Impact Graphic Glitch
Fixed Close Up Missile Impact Frame Drops
Fixed Capital Ship Close Zoom Auto Cannon Shell Impact Graphic Glitch
Fixed Capital Ship Close Zoom Auto Cannon Shell Impact Frame Drops
Fixed Tech Capital Ships Exploding Repeatedly/Effect Loop

Small Quality Of Life Updates:
General Effect Down-scales - Increases Frame Rates
Ship Bump Option Maxed In Settings Now Longer Breaks Enhanced Graphic Effects

Please Give Us Your Feedback So We Can Update And Improve All Changes Brought In Version 0.6.0
From This Release On All Older Versions Are No Longer Supported

*** Fresh Install This Mod From Version 0.6.0 ***
We Understand This Is A Large File Size But It Is Required To Keep The Mod Stable
Releases After Version 0.6.0 Will Be Smaller Enhancements That You Can Patch The Mod With Instead Of A Large Download

Toxic Sins Of An Empire Version 0.6.0 Full Release

Please Remove All Older Version Of The Mod Before Installing This

Official Version 0.6.0 Launch Trailer/Promo

Toxic Sins Of An Empire Version 0.6.0

September 25th, 2018

With development entirely underway we have an interesting video that kinda shows how much work and dedication a mod of this size takes. You think mod you think a few changes here few changes there. Some added stuff here and some stuff there. Well when you are talking about an entire graphic remake it is a lot more then that.

Take a look at this nice little tease showing some of the cool new stuff we are working on.

As addressed in the September 20th update we are working with smoke effects a lot.

It was the number one issue in Version 0.5.5 so with Version 0.6.0 on the horizon we are working on them.

Smoke Test

September 20th, 2018

Today I am happy to release a preview of Version 0.6

This version will be compatible with Sins Of A Solar Empire Ultimate and All DLC's released to date

Main Goals of the coming update are as follows:

Expanded HD Resolution For Effects

More Stable Frame Rates Close Up

Less Overall Smoke Effects

(Still working on entirely new smoke textures for future release)

New Explosion Effects

(Working On New Effects And Textures)

General Quality of Life Changes Are As Follows:

Decreased Texture File Sizes For Better Downloads And Performance Client Side

Game Start Video and Icon Changes

(Coming In Version 0.6.1 October Patch)

In Version 0.5.5 We Released New Interface Textures

This was rushed and the feedback globally has been poor of these changes

In Version 0.6.0 they will remain in the client however in Version 0.6.1 MOST will be updated

No release of Version 0.6.0 as of yet but we do have a nice preview video to explore.

Please take a look and tell us what you think before we release Version 0.6.0 so we can address feedback.

Version 0.6.0 Preview

How Far We Have Come:

All Previous Versions Still Able To Be Downloaded However Are No Longer Supported

Version 0.5.2

Version 0.5.0

Version 0.5.0 Dev Blog

Version 0.3.2

Version 0.3.0

Version 0.3.0 Dev Blog

Version 0.0.1

Very Start

Current Downloads:

! Please Note Any Version Marked Discontinued Will No Longer Be Supported In Future Releases !

Version 0.5.5 Demo

Version 0.5 5 Demo

Download Version 0.5 5 Demo - Mod DB

Outdated Versions:

Version 0.5.1 Discontinued

Version 0.5.1 Discontinued

Version 0.5 Discontinued

Version 0.5 Discontinued

Toxic Sins of An Empire 0.3.3 Discontinued

Toxic Sins of An Empire 0.3.3 Release Discontinued

Toxic Sins of An Empire 0.3.2 Discontinued

Toxic Sins of An Empire 0.3.2 Release Discontinued

0.3.1 Tech Weapons Patch Discontinued

0.3.1 Tech Weapons Patch Discontinued

Toxic SinsOf An Empire 0.3.1 Discontinued

ToxicSinsOfAnEmpire 0.3.1 Discontinued

Toxic Sins Of An Empire Version 0.3 Discontinued

ToxicSinsOfAnEmpire Version 0.3  Discontinued


What does this mod actually do? there was no actual information provided as to what this mod does. It's just called "toxic mod" well, what does it do?

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ToxicBlood Author

It is an entire remake of the original game basically.

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@ToxicBlood Wow cool the actual author of the mod! It's nice to meet you! So Ummmmmm... what does it do? It's cool that it's an overhaul mod, that's very very interesting- but do you have a list of some of the changes?

This is me just daydreaming, (hoping really) but I have always hoped that someone would make a mod that allows the player to choose their favorite ships from all Three vanilla factions, and allows the player to research 100% of all research that exists in the game, and basically make a 3-way custom alliance faction. It makes sense because one of the variants of each faction want to ally with each other. I would imagine that this allied combined faction would also have a very special titan that has special features from all three factions "want to ally together" teams- titans.

I doubt that this is actually what you're doing, so I guess I should ask, do you have a list of all the actual changes in this mod? I'm very excited! I just know nothing, that's the thing.

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