Total Annihilation: Twilight Features: Why should you play Total Annihilation: Twilight? The list below, while certainly not comprehensive, summarizes some of the more notable features. - Original Total Annihilation Feel - Well Balanced Units, Structures, and Overall Gameplay - Great Strategic and Tactical Depth - New Units to Fill Strategic/Tactical Roles - Improved Models - Newly Added Sounds - Errors and Bugs Fixed - Single Player Campaigns Enabled - Balanced Expressly for Multiplayer - AI Built From the Ground Up - Customizable AI Profiles - Multi-Directional Factories - Improved Loading and Unloading for Transports - Nano Turrets and Fortification Turrets - Larger, More "Naval" Feel to Ships - Devastating Nuclear Weapons Worthy of the Name - New Experimental Gantry Units On Both Sides About Total Annihilation: Twilight What is Total Annihilation: Twilight? Put simply, TA:T is an extension of OTA (Original TA), balancing old units and adding in new ones, as might have happened...

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TA:T v1.6 has finally been released. It includes extensive bug fixes and balance changes, as well as four new units: AMAT (Multi-unit Air Transport) Micro Fusion Stargate Deep Core Moho Mine Thanks, Twilight

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What was supposed to be just a few short beta tests with a few players ended up spanning more than a year and involving almost all of the online multiplayer player base. I will try and keep future versions just a month or three in between, since I've always been of the opinion that frequent releases help get the best feedback and correction done quickly. The betas were released frequently, but weren't generally posted in the forums or made known on the TA:T web page, leaving many in the dark about them.

Mixed aircraft assault... Hunter-Killer Subs engage an enemy naval base.

Please note that this is the *final* version of v1.6, and therefore supersedes all of the previous "betas" of v1.6 from the past year. For those of you updating from version 1.5a, this has over a year's worth of changes in it from the beta testing of v1.6. Higher energy costs for advanced units mean they are still powerful, but require a stronger energy infrastructure to effectively use them. Hopefully this will help prevent the "First to advanced tech wins!" race, with superior numbers of weaker but cheaper energy-wise level 1 units able to defeat the advanced but few units someone who has jumped to advanced tech too early will have.

There are also 4 new units (Each available to both Arm and Core):

The AMAT (Multi-unit advanced air transport), able to carry multiple units at once. The Stargate, which allows single units, or large groups of units to be instantly transported to another stargate, although they do require hefty amounts of energy to keep running. The Micro Fusion, a small and hastily assembled Fusion Reactor which produces 250 energy. It has few safety interlocks, and therefore building four of them produces the same amount of energy as a Fusion Reactor, while being substantially cheaper (and more dangerous!).

The Deep Core Moho Mine, an advanced Moho Mine able to extract roughly triple the amount of metal per second that a regular Moho Mine can, but at a substantially higher energy cost. This version also includes the TAMEC 2004 file inside the zip file, in order to simplify things for new people downloading TA:T for the first time, or if they can't download the TAMEC file elsewhere. This does increase the file size roughly 22MB.

The new version is available as the full version. There is no patch from 1.5a to 1.6. Enough changes have been made that the space savings would be reduced quite a bit compared to previous patches.

The full TA:T v1.6 can be downloaded here:

As always, thanks so much for playing Total Annihilation: Twilight, and for your patience with my taking so long to get the final version of v1.6 out the door! I look forward to hearing your comments, either here on these forums, or at my email address:


I can also be reached on Messenger at that same address for questions, assistance, etc.

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