This is an overhaul modding project of the mod 'The Last Days of the Third Age' (TLD) for the game M&B Warband. We aim for overhauling TLD mainly visually, replacing armouries to look similar to the ones known from the films.

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A brief news of mod's progress and new guys for help.

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A New Team!

Finally, We've found people with different skills to help us

Spartanrulez: Texturer guy, he will do many cool texturing, 2D Artist.

DainTheWeaponSmith: as u see the name, He's a weapon smith, 3D Artist.

rebelmarineha: Programmer, he's gonna add new stuff (factions, new options and..) to mod.

miszi: our scener (mapper), just wait and see what he will do, currently done Dale

Valamis_PL: Face texturer guy, his job is making famous faces.

AxilleasOplitis : he's rejoined, 3D modeller and texturer.


As you know, I (Sons_of_Durin) and Sidney_87 don't have so much time to spend on this mod (busy with life problems) but since we have new members u can expect new things for TLD Overhaul.

Some WIP stuff:

Dale scene (Miszi's work)

20180116133302 120180116133245 1

20180116132944 1

To see all the screens

Dwarven weapons (Dain's work)



Dalian weapon(Dain's work)

Dwarven weapon texture( Spartanrulez's work)

Dwarven Helmet (my work, based on John's ones)

dwarf ironhills helmerebor0helm

World map (taken from The Veiled stars)

LOTR and The Hobbit faces (Valamis's work)




Special Thanks to:

Third Age - Total War for awesome armors and weapons.

Third Age: Reforged, and it's leader Commander_Synn for allowing us to use their awesome stuff.

The Veiled Stars - Lord of the Rings , specially Jarvisimo For awesome armors. weapons, items and world map.

Forodren Auth for cool troll models

The Last Days - Film Edition and The_Idiot to allow use using stuff from his mod.

Akathir for His nice scenes

John.M For sharing his Dwarven stuff with me to make mine from them

IgnatiosKanelos - - 97 comments


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wildtexan - - 172 comments

just wondering what program did yall texture the weapons in?

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Sons_of_Durin Author
Sons_of_Durin - - 431 comments

Substance Painter 2

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varrenw - - 13 comments

Awesome! I literally cannot wait for the next update, glad a little speed will be added to the project. No rush though, greatness takes time. Wish I knew how to mod, I have tons a free time that I could give haha. Keep up the good work, everyone!

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ThorinOakenshieldII - - 14 comments

It's great news to hear some new members are helping out with this fantastic mod!
The dale scenes and dwarven weapons are breathtaking, and the faces look virtually identical to the characters in the movies! Brilliant work guys, you're doing an unbelievable job!
I have a feeling the next update is going to be phenomenal... :)

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Argeomer - - 5,582 comments

So it will be a mix up of all the others mods also, plus what you have already done...basically it will be the most complete LOTR mod here :)

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Aenarion_ - - 1,633 comments

Why did I get a M&B update on Third Age Total War?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
highblood89 - - 304 comments

YUSH! I'm ready! :D

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Koak15 - - 88 comments

Now you're working with the Film Edition TLD ? :p that's great

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Sons_of_Durin Author
Sons_of_Durin - - 431 comments

The Idiot gave us permission to use his stuff, yeah thats cool.

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Pennypacker - - 262 comments

Holy ****.

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bluewario - - 417 comments

Do we get improvements on sieges? I would say most of the fun is from sieges. Sadly the M&B engine can't do everything.

Offensive units tend to get stuck on palisades on most maps or specifically on the hills climbing Dol Amroth.

If I'm defending, I gotta help the enemy destroy most gates. They just don't attack it. This is on most Warband games.

Gameplay over lore, guys.

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Sid_The_Kid Creator
Sid_The_Kid - - 969 comments

I think we'll try to do smth with that

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Guest - - 693,017 comments

in version 1.7 will there be erebor armor and iron hill?

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Sid_The_Kid Creator
Sid_The_Kid - - 969 comments


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Max_28Ev - - 8 comments

It promises heavy! Meci to work on this mode that makes me dream ^^

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SpaceNavy - - 199 comments

Holy **** this mod is still in development? YES

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Guest - - 693,017 comments


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Guest - - 693,017 comments

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