New on this TD based mod: • Super weapon timers • Smaller super weapon timers (airstrike etc) can be seen only by allies • Red tiberium • Added more notification sounds (radio static shhhssszzz hhhsss etc) • Added more co-op missions with special color palettes with a new unit which can capture allied buildings and units(co-op only, sorry trolls) • New level-up sound (taken from Fallout 1&2) • New level up icon animation • Weapon impact flashes • Spy logic added to the game • Added new NOD support power (vehicle airdrop) • New rifleman that uses grenades against large groups of infantry (will be credited to the one who helped me once I get a confirmation) • New awesome commando icon • New chemical tank for NOD • AI target logic (it will hit your super weapons with its super weapons) • Added communication center for NOD (recreation of the beta) • New military fonts

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