Edits the set of "thematic" bloodlines to be more immersive and thematic. Massive Chalice was made possible by Kickstarter; but it was arguably ruined by Kickstarter, too. The Bloodline Backer level enabled supporters to create a bloodline that would show up in-game. As far as I know, every bloodline in the game was made by backers. Unfortunately, most of the ~2500 Bloodline Backers were not superb Fantasy worldbuilders. And for me, the results are immersion-breaking. I know that Double Fine attempted to give some editorial review and guidance, but the end result still allowed a lot of mismatched content in to the final game. For this mod, I have a) marked most bloodlines as non-thematic, and b) hand-edited some of them. There are two versions of the mod. The "Elite" version includes only my 50 favorite bloodlines. It gives a tight set of relatively high-quality bloodlines, with a consistent style and theme. The "Decent" version includes many more, but of lower quality.

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