The Wars of Arda is a (very) large expansion mod for the EA Games title "The Lord of the Rings: The Rise of the Witchking". We will first be heavily reworking the existing factions (adding Rohan and Harad and merging the Goblins into Isengard) and implementing a "minifaction" system where you begin a skirmish map with a "Core Faction" which contains a variety of units and heroes, and you purchase "Mini Factions" as the match prgresses, giving you access to new units and heroes. The Mod will also be implementing several "Eras" into the mod. This will NOT be an Empire Earth style system where you upgrade from one era to another, but a system where each era is a seperate set of skirmish factions and campaign missions (however all factions will be able to play against each other). The eras of the mod will be as follows. The War of the Jewels The Last Alliance The Rise of the Witchking The Wainriders Invasion The Quest of Erebor The War of the...

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A preview for Wars of Arda revolving around the dwarves of the Blue Mountains...

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After returning from my trip in the tropical Islands, the mod has a very brilliant future and heading its Noontide and of the mod so far, the best is yet to come. I have recently doen alot of work on future factions and a huge blueprint for designs and concepts have been created, on a scale that no other mod has doen for art and designs-absoluteley massive,which will be released at a later date.

Now for the Update,

First of all, The New Eowyn Unarmoured, the new model I created and was my first model as a modeller

IPB ImageIPB Image

Also, now the Dwarves

The Blue Mountain CrossBowmen
IPB Image
IPB Image

Dwarf Rangers
IPB Image

IPB Image

Blue Mountain Guard
IPB Image

IPB Image

Earlier on there was an update about Anaire, Fingolfin's Wife, Now here is the other image for her concept mounted. Possibly on a unicorn, as she is from Aman/ Valinor, however, I am questioning its canoness.

IPB Image

Now for some ingame screenshot. None dare assail her

IPB Image

High King,Chief Among the Wise,
Favoured by the Valar

P.s. There should from now on be an update evry 1 to 2 weeks


I should probably say something creative right about now, but for some reason I have absolutely nothing creative to say. Well, that's it for this week's update... keep checking back, fans.

[insert happy emoticon here]
IRS, Secretary of Foreign Affairs once more.


good luck guys! also if u need help coding i can help, im a master coder at ini files (command and conquer zero hour uses the same codes at BFME 2 and ROTWK)

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Good job on the skins once again.

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