The Spencer Estate is an L4D2 custom campaign based off the first Resident Evil. It includes aspects of both the original game and the Gamecube remake, along with a few of our own ideas.

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I'm overjoyed that we have gotten over 15000 views. We have not had many updates lately, I know, but TheRabbitt has been working and going to college and I myself have not been very inspired in my mapping recently and I don't want to show you folks stuff I have not put my full effort into. As for the first map, we finally have a basic layout that we will need to refine but I have high hopes it will be very fun for all of you guys watching us.

Now as for the video, this is a very WIP version of the helipad that I accidentally overwrite and had to move back to an earlier save, but don't worry, all I have lost was some breakable walls, some props, and some textures. In the end of the video I say this is about where the finale ends, by that I mean that if we had a working helicopter to pick us up. That's when he would fly over. I don't know why our helicopter is not working, I'll make a series of pictures or a video off my setup and if one of you guys know how the rescue vehicles work, you could look over it for me.

Well, sorry this is not a massive update but I hope to sit down and build the next part of the forest for you guys soon.

Yours moddingly,