TSLRCM tries to fix to the best of our abilities the issues The Sith Lords had due to being rushed. Containing a host of restored content and fixes many bugs left inside TSL giving you the most polished and best possible chance to get the full experience.

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I hope you got plenty of time to spare to read this new changelist for TSLRCM 1.8 ;).

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Changelist from original installer to version 2 of the 1.8 installer (hopefully got all, might have forgotten some small things, or stuff other members did. If so, sorry about that)... also, new readme. For the readme, visit;

* Fixed off-set camera point for Sion.
* Added overlay to an unmodified goto line that was shipped with vanilla (and sounded very off).
* The Masked Attacker is now, infact, masked.
* Fixed collar issues with many robes, most of which didn't even drop in vanilla, but do now.
* Uses Goto's Yacht Window Fix by Darth Insidious
* Host of dialog.tlk fixes (all double-spaces for example)
* Security spike tunneler added to drops (small chance to drop instead of security tunneler)
* Fixed 3C being in T3's way in Prologue end scene.
* Supressed background sound when Harbinger docks...
* Small delay issue with tutorial workbench (001) and added some missing tutorial popups to the start of Peragus.
* French line on 103PER console... (Sonic Sensor update).
* The installer was lacking zbyl's Sion cutscene fix...
* All my stuff (HH) for 005EBO was missing from the installer. (security system)
* 2 females and 1 male in 203TEL didn't randomly walk about...
* Small delay fix in 202 terminal...
* Added Jana Lorse from 209TEL to 203TEL as well, so she also has her Czerka outfit in the holo-call.
* Fixed small error in female TSF .dlg (typo'd 30 as 39, making a line unavailable).
* Apparently a fix I made to the Restoration Droid (201TEL) for 1.6 or 1.7 was lacking now. Fortunately still had the file stored on my PC. Prevents bringing him to Czerka/Ithorians without fighting the thugs (and getting the blaster).
* Fixed an issue with planttheft.ncs (my bad)...
* Dendis update. Store was still empty if his "thanks for arresting brother" convo was first, so added stockscript to that branch too...
* BIG ERROR. 209TEL onenter script added to 203TEL. Same name, different content... Correct files attached to fixpack... have to make sure the proper module gets the proper enter file!
* 208TEL: Fixed a camera issue in Sluks dialogue and some issue with dialogue being cut off in Luxa's...
* The wrong 235tela.wok was used, meaning Atton said in midair, instead of his chair. Proper .wok recovered from mails and included in fixpackage...
* Included old lab fix (skipping dialogue line)
* Fixed Bao-Dur lightsaber requirement (apparently got unfixed somewhere along the line)...
* Added full party healing script to leaving with the shuttle (so not everytime you near the shuttle as it used to), so they have full HP when facing the HK's.
* Add Atton to party post-232... he's sitting backwards if not...!
* Added Stoney's files to the fixpack, so proper mines spawn and attack in 261TEL.
* 201 HK's were still passive upon nearing them. Finally fixed now though.
* Wanted to report Zbyl's "teammate lock" after Red Eclipse was broken, when I noticed it just plainly wasn't installed. Added the modifications to 301NAR and 004EBO to my fixpack.
* My fixes for Kodin and Tienn's shop do not seem included. Added them to fixpack for inclusion!
* Did some touching up of Bao-Dur's combat-remembering convo... should work as intended now... (using local 37 and 38, hope they're new)
* Bao; Fixed convo break in LS conversation if Mira was not around (which is about 95% chance)
* Added quest-update to Bao and Exile talking about lightsabers (required to make the 'do I have all parts?' work properly... and it's got the quite helpful stuff about how you can't use upgrade parts, which was asked sooo much when KOTOR2 was released. Plus all around)
* Added a delay of 2 sec to the "angry" nodes so you can see handmaidens angry face instead of just proceeding right away with the camera quirks applied to that behavior... also added non-ls "you should value yourself" for when the ls-option had been taken already (as should, as the ds had it and the subsequent +Ls option)
* Fixed infinite healing for the PC when Visas comes to assassinate the player. Whoops. My bad...
* Modified Visas vs. Handmaiden and Kreia/Handmaiden .dlg so they keep facing each other instead of turning to the exile to talk all the time...
* Somewhat similar for Kreia/Handmaiden 2, but just for the maiden. Since Kreia's supposed to turn around (but the Maiden stares at the exile through walls instead of Kreia's back originally).
* Skill lesson bonus got broken (maybe my fault... maybe not). Anyways, working now as intended, giving bonus of 1 to both the lowest and highest!
* One Exchange node with the serocco leader was missing the "exchange not dead" requirement. Added.
* While the a_random_talk fix worked for the exchange, it locked out response 4 from the refugees. To solve this it's restored to the original for the refugees, and the exchange instead of using it modified have the script that was the fix for their issue, just renamed different (and updated in the .dlg), so both can talk again as they should :D.
* Outdated Atton.dlg... without female revan-fix... attached proper atton.dlg to fixpack...
* Small 305 terminal delay issue (since I am doing a full run, might as well fix every one I find. Best chance to get them all. They irk me xD).
* Made the 303 droid warehouse maintenance droids not rotate on clicking to reflect them ignoring you completely...
* Fixed one of the Goto Yacht HK's dropping their prop weapon.
* Fixed Goto Yacht Droid Control issues... both consoles now work as they should. Sorry I didn't get it right before testing 0_0.
* Apparently, the deletion of post-303NAR foes was incomplete. Fixed it to remove all traces of leftover bounty hunters.
* Twidomo (306); Minor tweak... added Mira line after offering Kreia (since it was missing there). Fixed the camera issue with the head being partially shown only when wearing the outfit...
* adding globals.jrl entry for The Champ instead of Kodin (selling T3).
* Fixed some influence related stuff in Lootra's dialogue. Also added LS INF if no Kreia is in the party... it's a little odd that killing all 3 in the flophouse (lassavou, the ones looking for their captain, lootra) gives influence, yet helping them not. This should help a bit with that. Let me know if anyone disagrees though.
* Fixed sitting down Duros (201TEL)
* Added "I think you're a droid" to a branch missing it... and fixed a convo-break (goto)
* Cannok / Cannock _es.utc fix
* Mira; Added "lethal" option after 'why?'... makes her turn to the PC to complain about HK-47. Added delay to eye roll so it runs it's full course. Fixed wrong script for getting the first nade (so getting no nade at all then).
* Atton.dlg update; Fixing facing issue on the Ebon Hawk!
* 402 Tobin cutscene, doubled background suppression time from 7 to 14 sec (time for the track that runs when scene starts)
* Probably a good sign I am nitpicking and spending too much time on this testing is this fix; Kelborn, like C5 on M4-78 has been modified to be no longer interruptable while running away (for 7 sec). This to prevent him from being stuck in his starting position if you immediately talk to him again. He will be surrounded by bodies on somewhat the proper location atleast this way!
* 402; Replaced scout Zakkeg animation from "standing attention" to "listen" since it didn't work, just freeze him in place, which looked odd.
* 403; Mandalorian Seargent; He turned to all mandalorians to talk, but one line for Kelborn was missing that. Also make him turn back to the PC now when explaining your limitations instead of still facing the mandalorian.
* 403; Fixed the Mandalorian Guide not dissallowing travel when he should have had (probably my fault)...
* 512; "Mand_inparty" must not have worked, since a line didn't appear even when Mandalore was in your party. Since he's forced there anyways, left requirements blank now. That should allow the line to be chosen from now on...
* 401; Modified c_con_mirapm (only for this module if in .mod) to double her allowed distance for conversation. Otherwise the blocking droid and distance triggered convo with the Duros often skipped the dialogue, even if she was nearby...
* 402; Modified detonator convo to not have "random DS" after Hanharr/HK influence. This prevents them getting double influence in this scene. Random DS does still run if neither of the 2 are in the party and Kumus is blown up with explosives.
* 512; Rikken assassination witness. Fixed affect mind check after affect mind check for success. Replaced it with proper dominate mind check.
* 503; Restored post-investigation Gelesi line ("You proved it wasn't that doctor")...
* 512; a_ranwander.ncs was missing.
* 512; Finally made a working spawnscript for Riiken (so fixed loot). Also fixed him standing still after talking, he will now continue his patrol. Learned a lot about patrolling and waypaths. Might use it to improve random wanderers later... we'll see. (and then that evening I find a tutorial about it on Holowan, which could have saved me a lot of time... *sigh*)
* Some minor camera and facing improvements during Kreia's listening lessons...
* 502; Fixed Gelesi respawn issue (after he's been removed) with Anda.
* 501; Fixed the soldier commenting on Riiken being missing if he's just patrolling and you didn't harm him at all. Now it only runs if you killed him covertly.
* 403; Fixed issues with Zuka's new line (which were all my fault)...
* Fixed convo break with Mandalore and a female Revan using a certain convo option.
* Tweaked what was skippable and what not when training Bao-Dur new powers post-Jedification.
* Healed Visas when failing round #2 or #3. Not much of a training if you can just whittle her to 1HP with exhaustion.
* Bao-Remote training tweak
* Restored Keh'ven/Bao-Dur content.
003; Added Atton-turnaround to "after pazaak" convo (his bonus), as I didn't know it was a seperate .dlg.
403; fixed my error. Both spawning and removing triggers now in k_403_enter. Added Goto to re-visit scene.
403; New script to fix messup with Kelborn and the repair check. Now *properly* checks wheter you fixed the pulse converter and radar.
411; Fixed infinite LS-exploit, since script was in conditional tab somewhere, which didn't remove the taint. Also fixed delay issues (skipping) of any DS bonus that wasn't force points or slow.
702; Background music suppression for Sion (theme), slight delay fix with the library terminal.
506; _d script (for droid apparently, only 1 droid in the module used it after all) now drops droid items instead of generic items. 2 droids where given "m" instead. Which is a higher drop. But human. So made a new script for these 2... _dh.
511; Fixed an improper looking fade-out/fade-in issue with Kavar's "my student has arrived" line (Queen's side)
506; Fixed broken skillcheck with "boom" console, and added modified Peragus script to re-disable the console when interacted after being blown up, instead of being active.
506; Fixed Kiph turning around. If you start talking to him, he will not use the console any longer (OE set him to do so when receiving a certain local, but he never got that. So I just added said local to his convo, done)
403; Fixed mandalorian guide not taking you along after Onderon Revisited was done (my bad, once again)
403; Apparently not going right away, and later saying yes was lacking a local set, so when returning Kelborn would start the whole mission dialogue again instead of the "still war in Iziz". Added missing local.
301; Fixed an infinite XP issue with continuous triggering of the new geeda_set.ncs (which was never the intention in the first place).
601; Fixed convobreak with dillan and major VO/ST mismatch for Kreia and Handmaiden (in .tlk though).
* The Jedi Enclave on Dantooine was one of the major academies for young Padawans and apprentices. Many Jedi lived here once or twice.
* Atris said that the Enclave on Dantooine was one of the great storehouses of Jedi knowledge - many Jedi came here to study the ancient holocrons and relics. (Such a shame this line got lost. Instead both Kreia and Handmaiden say above line. Must be an error in voice-recording. Sadly, enough, that's the VO there is... and I have to adjust the ST to it, can't work the other way around :()
601; Don't know why Goto turns around when talking to Saedhe, but fixed it by making him look at the player during his lines...
605; I couldn't fix the Mandalore crash issue... but now it is fixed, I can make the scene a bit more forfilling at the end. Re-added in the "Mandalorian Runaway" scene, and modified the script so they wouldn't be re-called and ran again (since that would look silly). It's still working too :D.
602; Some minor .dlg changes to Berun to remove "blank" {continue} lines (which was messy). Ingame you'll notice no more lacking lines at the top of what Berun said previously...
602; Gerevick line added to second (and eventual after that) visit to the receptionist.
602; Added 5 second background suppression to Terena.dlg nodes (time it takes for her track to run).
Fixed a skipping line with Kreia and the player crystal if no update was done on it (delay 0 instead of -1).
610; Fixed some small convo-issues with Jorran when not having Goto in the party. Also fixed "Thief Catching" updating if he ran away.
Mandalore.dlg; Replaced some -1 entries with dialog.tlk entries.
610; cmp_main; fixed some delay issues.
605; Fixed the exploit where you can give the bodies to Daraala AND zherron if you give the bodies to Zherron before ever having talked to Daraala, then handing them over in Daraala's first conversation. That's no longer possible.
602; Suppressed background music when Azkul speaks since he has a track in this module (like Terena).
601; Had various issues with Khoonda Battle cutscenes. Turned out, the PC was just too far away to render stuff properly (merc side). So moved the PC to Khoonda during the fade, just outside of all the camera's, and all scenes work properly now! That took way too long to figure out what was wrong...
650; Included original container file, as TSLRCM's was different. It's also spawning at a different location, but that's not that problematic or changing balance... Kept our new corpse since it says {crystal}, so it makes sense a crystal is added to it...
650; Improved Jedi Master attack script so they now actually actively attack the player.
602; The new locked door was lockpickable during the Khoonda battle. Think I fixed it, can't be sure till the next game since Khoonda spawned long ago, and it's a bit too much to replay it all for now. Next game. Did check one could still open it regularly during non-battle, and that's possible.
602; Made akkere's "Khoonda Armor" undroppable.
602; Vrook update. The recording line could only be mentioned as first option, then it never appeared again. Fixed.
602; Spawned civilian (male and female), receptionist and staff after militia-win to fawn on the player and Jedi in general....
601; Pato. Added Khoonda militia question to a few more branches.
605; Fixed Ralon's mitilia question to no longer appear after the Khoonda battle is over.
Small Goto dialogue update ("what else needs to be stabalised" after Onderon/Dantooine reward didn't have nodes for 'all jedi found' or 'revelation done'...)
Huh... guess the Handmaiden :: Betrayal :: issue wasn't fixed after all. Well... it is now.
003; Bao and Mandalore now look at each other instead of the player during their conversations. Also Bao-Dur now storms out like the gameplay programmer stated he should.
Fixed an issue where Handmaiden was not trained as a Jedi, yet the Betrayal cutscene does play... (which leads to an infinite black screen when you do train her as Jedi)
Fixed an infinite Lightside/Darkside exploit with Handmaiden's Jedi Training (using a new global) (both from vanilla :/)
Added computer use node to installing pacifist package (HK-47). It's all in the details ;)
650; Spawning in all NPC's for mindreading...
650; Made Kreia taking her hood of unskippable (since if skipped, it's still on next nodes)
262, Krehand1; Removed musictrack from .dlg
298; Fixed corrupted container name (appears zbyl added strref but the -1 from no strref was still there, resulting in the error)
006; Puts 000_Visas_Love straight to 2, so the "look at me" convo doesn't repeat talking to her on Telos/Ravager.
851; Moved fade-out to end of dialogue instead of between old/new dialogue. Adjusted camera point to continue from vanilla on... fixed on_enter script so fires continue raging on when loading the map from a save or 852NIH.
851; Modified camera point so you wont stare to a wall when trying to leave the Ravager for Telos/Malachor
853; Improved Tobin/Nihilus cutscene
003; Added clairvoyance to pcdead2.dlg
904; Oops... the "or Atton got killed by Sion" would always display 'and you?' if Atton got killed by sion. Different approach used, although that also means 3 new scripts extra to the module.
101; New tutorial hints


I actually read it all, and I have to say: My mind is blown. There will be so much new content in the upcoming release, I am having a hard time comprehending all of the work you guys have done. Excellent work, you have to be THE most dedicated mod team I have ever seen. I will be grinning and laughing maniacly when this baby releases! >:D Thank you for your hard work. :)

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Hassat_Hunter Author

"I actually read it all"
You're crazy :D.

"I will be grinning and laughing maniacly when this baby releases!"
So will I... so, will, I :D
And you're welcome!

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Wow, that list is epic.

You guys did a lot more than restoring content. You fixed the game!

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Hassat_Hunter Author


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That's one hell of a list. Thanks for all you've done for the game! (and the gamers)

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Hassat_Hunter Author

You're welcome!

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Really admire this kind of dedication lots of changes and fixes. How long have you spent updating the game?

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Hassat_Hunter Author

Well, TSLRCM 1.7 was released October 16th, 2010. We've been working on 1.8 I think since around January 2011.

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So all you have left to test is the installer right?

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Hassat_Hunter Author

Yeah, doing a second run now testing it, and the various things I couldn't last time around (like the alternative Onderon, Hanharr, Disciple...)

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Kotor is one of my favorite games, so you are about to make my summer!

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