TSLRCM tries to fix to the best of our abilities the issues The Sith Lords had due to being rushed. Containing a host of restored content and fixes many bugs left inside TSL giving you the most polished and best possible chance to get the full experience.

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... if you thought about the Ebon Hawk scene with that quote, you're at the right place ;). If you thought something else, well, you probably want to read the journal regardless, so it's meaning becomes perfectly clear... :)

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Well, I didn't mention it here, but had to stop working on TSLRCM for a while. Now that I can do so again, it's a joy to work on it. Aside from the often times things inexplicably don't work of course due to the engine or who-knows-what-else... or solutions of 1 minute take you 30 to find out. Aside from that, it's great. And of course with each bug fixed and planet tested, we get closer and closer to finally pushing out 1.8.

Enjoy a few previous screenshots just uploaded, which demonstrate some of the things added in the past 3 days to 1.8 during this final run. For the full list (It's not going to be so long as the last);

207TEL: Fixed issue with option to reset Doton Het flag back to 2 when it's 3/4, having to re-do going to Harra/Luxa for exchange options. Also fixed being able to re-ask her price if threatning with the exchange if you already knew it.
** Also made Harra appear with the proper requirements (making her your own without visiting Harra through Ramana/Doton).
** Also fixed Doton still being there while DEAD (!!!) if you released Ramana.
** Fixed .git for new dancer position. Also added small delay (using new script, stupid Aurora) for the dancer to appear after Ramana is removed, since her presence moved her to a wrong location.
203TEL: Some camera fixes to Ramana's dialogue (camera on Harra like dotonhet.dlg instead of on ramana while Harra follows Ramana)
** Also altered onenter script to remove Harra given the right circumstances.
** Also altered dotonhet scene so it uses a wide-shot when he begs for his life rather than center on him (and looks over him since he has the crouching horror effect)
154HAR: Considering the music discussion on the boards now, I cut 1 second off from the Sion Arrival Fix cutscene so it would end with the "dum dum dum DUM", not the softer music afterwards... more moodsetting (and like it was in the .bik). Hope zbyl doesn't mind me improving his mod... 0_0
907MAL: Apparently, Sion doesn't kneel in certain cases. Made his entrance walk 1 second longer, so he will always kneel.
202TEL: Modified TSF to keep patrolling, even after talking or fighting. Only downside; they keep walking instead of facing you when talking. Minor price to pay though IMO. (I think it has to do with going to the nearest waypoint instead of following a path. Which has to be done to prevent all of them to swarm the same point, which would look odd rather than proper patrolling)
203TEL: Restored some Batono lines, and made the mercs dissapear and untalkable after ambushing Batono (so you can't infinitely repeat "as schedules, here's the Jedi" (which took a lot longer than it should have :(. Also it looks a bit silly of them to moonwalk then dissapear, but blame Aurora :/).
208TEL: Fixed onenter script... basically ripping out *everything* but leaving the hidden turret animation there, fixing the requirement (so they're hidden now until the "reveal" animation! Yay!)
208TEL: Added Luxa's unique weapon to her.
207TEL: Fixed error with 202TEL_Falt flag setting when failing persuasion.
201TEL, 207TEL & 209TEL; Applied B-4D4 music.
209TEL; Fixed mainframe closing. It does close (unlike vanilla) due to 203 modifications, but didn't get locked. Now it gets locked too.
204TEL; Updated .git information about mercenary attack (no more mercs spawning between the plants).
232TEL; Small delay issue fixed with console
262TEL; Kreia's [wisdom] option now actually requires wisdom, well... more than the 1 requirement it was (now 15).
262TEL; While I was contempt enough to keep my little bug of the PC being at the removed maidens position when talking for past 1.8, no more. All these files are simply just to fix that in an elegant way (so with fade-outs and fade-ins added to mask all the strange stuff going on which was kind of bothersome to see).
262TEL; Added delay to Handmaiden 'frowning' when the maidens tell you the sixth wont join the fight, so it wont be skipped, but shown!
950COR; Apparently my healing script did work, but Bao would still use his harmed animation until another ran. So running a quick 1 sec (so in the fade-in time) animation when 950cor loads, making him 'unharmed' again for every scene following it...
Override; Influence change/force points alteration icons in popup changed to their proper appearance.
262TEL; Fixed small issue with Atton concerning a Kreia proximity check being in the wrong location.
Override; Removed "is male" checks from certain Atton convo options since 000_Woman_Trouble is never said as female anyway (making handmaiden for females easier to make compatible to other mods again. Always handy to be a dev on the same projects ;))
003EBO; Fixed Kreia talking, camera still on Atton during Nar Shaddaa intro (low awareness), fixed same thing with Visas when entering Korriban.
352NAR (needs new module file!!!); Fixed weirdness during Goto introduction. No longer does the droid turn halfway to continue to the waypoint, first spawns the hologram effect the wrong way etc. Looks far more professional and prettier :).
902MAL; Tried fixing Mira/Hanharr issue, failed :(. Did improve the awkward loading area to cutscene start though (to no longer look awkward).
302NAR; "Are you Adana?" was never available... fixed.
302NAR; Several Sorocco fixes I made (to fix reopening "Refugee Woes" if it's closed) apparently never made the installer. Added to fixpack.
012EBO; Slightly improved loading of the module when only the Ratrin scene fires (no more first seeing the exile and team)...
306NAR; Fixed a twilek line missing VO (alien language wasn't set).
304NAR; Minor tweak so Kreia's lines are displayed 'Kreia' in the log, not Visquis. Not that it makes a difference ingame, but might as well fix it since I noticed :).
305NAR; Fixed small camera issue with female PC.
303NAR; Smoothened out transitions (to Atton, to T3 etc.) as much as possible.
303NAR; Added some comments from the gameplay designer to Hanharr post-305 convo; He starts out unconscious now, getting up at the start, and watching to Kreia bit...

Additional 16/7 fixes;
305NAR; "so we have something in common. How humorous" of Visquis had 'mocking_laughter' as VO. However Quarren don't have that (normal laughter neither). So made it a generic comment just so it'll have VO.
303NAR; Further updated hanapt. Kreia force pushing Hanharr is now shown on screen instead of off-screen (OE actually added that, but it never showed... *sigh*). Delay made slightly longer for it to work properly.
351NAR; Smoothed out dissapearing HK's with HK-47 in the party. They still dissapear in sight, but faster and less apparent.
301NAR; Hearing Nar Shaddaa for the first time can no longer happen if you're Atton at that moment.
201TEL; Apparently my HK-"fix" only fixed it since the .git in override spawned a new trigger. It gets destroyed even without HK, which means it's gone by the time you generally spawn them. Added a fix for that, hopefully this is the final time I have to fix it, and this works properly :).
Override; Fixed "does player have force choke?" script looking for entirely the wrong power... (used for disciple, maybe more...)
Override; Improved animations on Disciple choking scene.
003EBO; Improved Atton-Disciple cutscenes.
Override; Actual meditation when learning meditation with Disciple.
601DAN; Fixed Deadlystream.com by having the turrets use a fixed camera point.
602DAN: You could try to Force Persuade Azkul without having the power (it also checked for "mind trick". Don't think that's a proper substitute). Fixed.
602DAN: Took me far longer to find the script than I wished for, but removed Zherron from Terena's side when siding with the mercs. What with killing him outside and all...
601DAN; Fixed gamebreaking bug with fighting for Azkul with proceeding inside of Khoonda not triggering if you killed all militia, but not Zherron. Requirement for Azkul increased by 1, and gave Zherron also the script to raise it (so it can be one higher, and he HAS to die, and the game will proceed).

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