18 BBY/2IY: Supreme commander of the Imperial Fleet, Lord Vader ordered the execution of Queen Apailana of Naboo on the charges of committing treason against the empire by harboring fugitive . The 501st was sent to eliminate her but the battle became a disaster the empire for a number of unexpected setbacks: On the land the 501st was shocked to see that the defenders of Naboo was leaded by their former brethren's from the from the famed Torrent company, the most veteran company of the 501st under the command of the traitors captain CT-7567 "Rex", the former second-in-command under Lord Vader. Under his command the Naboo defenders put up a deadly resistance and then lunched an even more deadly counterattack that drove them from the planet. In the bloody engagement, the 501st lost an entire battalion, entirely composed of veteran troops from the clone wars and Operation: Knightfall.

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The unit production structures in this mod. This article will explain how the production of generic space units in this mod will work.

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So this mod uses a similar system to other mods, in which certain units require specialized structures to be produced. These will come in the form of secondary structures. They will fill up one of the two secondary structure slots. Another article about other secondary structures will come soon, but for now I will tell you guys about the unit production ones.

Fighter Facility

Shipyard 2

This will enable you to build fighters over any planet that has this structure over it.

Space Dock


This structure will allow you to build corvettes and frigates over any planet with this structure in orbit.



This structure can only be built above capital ship producing planets and allows you to produce cruiser and carrier sized ships.

Industrial Slipway


This structure as with the last one can only be built above capital ship producing planets and is required for the production of Dreadnought sized vessels.

All structures are shielded, but are unarmed. They will however come with four fighter squadrons; Talons on higher tech levels and Torrents on lower tech levels.

Until next time!

rkraptor70 Creator

Industrial Slipway Fordo not Industrial Slipyard.

Anyway, please note each faction might eventually get their own versions of each production facility's .

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CaptainFordo Author

Whoops, my mistake...

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How many structures can you build at a time on one planet?

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rkraptor70 Creator

That depends on the planet itself. As in how resource rich it is, how populas it is and how canonically important it is.

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