The creators of ‘MAX PAYNE: Kung Fu Edition 3’ and ‘Katana’ join forces to deliver THE most explosive and complete mod to ever grace the Max Payne engine! Combine a massive arsenal of lightning-fast punches, kicks, and cool signature takedown moves to devastate your opponents with style! Run along walls, dodge bullets effortlessly, and flip off walls, objects and even people! The rules are yours to bend and break, as you relive some of the Trilogy's most memorable scenes, including The Lobby, Dojo, and The Burly Brawl!

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It was a really cool mod in 2000s, it was a revolutionizing theme mod on game with revolutionizing gameplay!

One of the best Max Payne mods for me. I recently watched The Matrix again with my friend and I really wanted to play something just like this. Love it.





I've been following this mod for years, it is so awesome how well its come along. Cant wait until its finished. But I will Avidly!

Great by almost all standards. The controls could be more convenient.

This mod is not just one of the those that call themselves matrix just because they have kung fu, this one truly lives up to the movie. The levels are made perfectly, with a great level of detail. The characters are very well modeled, looking almost, if not exactly, like their movie counterparts. The Kung Fu system is just great, including lots of different moves to kick your enemies' ***** with. The cutscenes. Even if none are included in the mod yet, just watch a video, they really look like the scenes from the original movies.
It takes the MAX-FX engine and uses it to make THE badassest game ever: The Real World. Hell, they even have their own custom launcher!
There's also the awesome little details: for example, the blur effect when the agents dodge. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't like the fact that this was missing from official Matrix games.
Keep it up! One of the best mods you'll get your hands on!


This is really awesome. Best mod in Max Payne 1

it's the best mod for max payne!! not stop the production of this mod please! it's very good like the movie..


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Best mod for MP1. I highly reccomend you get it!

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