You are an urban explorer who is guided to the ruins of a long abandoned facility by a new contact. Hoping to find something interesting you descend into the flooded tunnels of the facility , following the footsteps of the one who guided you there.

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TiManGames says

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The most decent mod I've played so far.

- Excellent mapping and environment + scary and great atmosphere. Also, great use of colors and lighting.

- Environmental-fitting and
interesting story.

- Creative ideas with some of the puzzles.

- Nice voice acting.

- Alternate endings based on the player's choice.

- Few areas lack Soundspace areas which then gives less impact on the player and the atmosphere as a whole. Soundspaces are very important. Please make sure to add it to every room.

- The voice acting for the protagonist of the story could have beem done better with more sense of horror, hesitation and awareness based on the current situation. Try to get into the character more and think how would you react if you were put in such situations, and how will it impact you afterwards.

- Some ideas could have been explored more. For example, the maintenance area. Maybe this area could have been a bit more expanded and with more puzzles. It would be just like the theta labs part in SOMA. I felt this area was too quick.

- Some puzzles are a bit out of place. For example, there are too many puzzles which you just have to cut off the power to proceed on. It could have been replaced with more interesting and creative puzzles than pulling a lever and shutting down the power without any reason.

- The underwater flow puzzle can be a bit frustrating.


8.7/10 - Great mod, we finally see some decent stuff from the community!


KiraImmortal says

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awesome! lot longer than the previous mod i've played from you. nice environment and voice acting, kinda insteresting story. only complaints about some climb parts and the underwater area in the first underground map which were somewhat annoying, but i made it with my life in the end. looking forward to more :)


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