This is a multiplayer mod for F.E.A.R COMBAT that let's you feel like THE ONE from a very cool movie, you can slow down the time and doing things that were never possible in any multiplayer and of course you can play with anyone on this planet. When you start multiplayer game the slowmo meter fills automaticly for all players i the same time, then you have about 2-3 seconds of really slow moving time to do an extra action, but be careful because you can run faster than you throw the grenade....

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Finally it's here....... THE ONE Multiplayer mod for FEAR COMBAT

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THE ONE Multiplayer mod has been released, if you can't wait below is youtube video that shows you some futures of this mod.

Video should be also available here with more quality. Checkout video section.

The mod is at beta stage and as I say it stays in that. Why ? Because FEAR is an old game and i have developed this mod about ~1-2 years ago. But it has some nice futures like:

  • very slow slowmo actions
  • don't need to pick up slowmo recharger, all player obtain
  • automatic and fast auto-re-charge.
  • slowmo time reduced to about 3 seconds
  • shotgun has unlimited clip and you don't need to reload
  • the limit in game placed proximity mines, grenades and remote charge are now 50

.... etc. etc. you can check all planed futures on the official website, some of them
are in the beta some not, some are there but they have some changes.

Download THE ONE

ATTENTION - You must install it in FEAR COMBAT folder - standard path : C:\Program Files\Sierra\FEARCombat (just change path to FEARCombat if you need) - it will also run on normal FEAR multiplayer - but it is designed for 1.08 ver. Installer won't check that you supply correct path so
watch out.

So I have nothing more to say: like it or hate it -> but remeber you can play it with your friend on-line, it only works in slowmo modes( ctf, deathmatch and team deathmatch) and all have to install
it before they join a match.

There is also a Polish Patch (I'm from Poland) for PL version of FEARCombat - just install with installer and repleace in FEARCombat folder a file that is in the additional rar. (if you want you game in polish while using this mod you must do this).


This mod is a history - I release it only for those who want to have fun with FEAR. But it will back when Project Origin will be realesed, and then I create this mod again, but this time with many new futures and I hope it will be more than BETA status.

Regards szefo
my xfire szefoxxx

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